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Fellow status in APA is awarded for unusual and outstanding contributions to psychology. The fellows of Div. 44 are the individuals who have created this division and the field of LGBT issues in psychology. Their distinguished contributions are the foundation on which the future of LGBT psychology continues to be built. Additionally, many of these Fellows make on-going contributions to science, practice, and public policy through the activities in this division and elsewhere in the field of psychology. Applications for fellow status are coordinated by the Fellows Committee.

How to apply

Initial Fellow status through Div. 44 requires demonstration of unusual and outstanding contributions to LGBT issues in psychology and completion of the APA Uniform Fellow Application, which is available from the Fellows Chair. All applicants must be at least five years post-doctorate and members of the division for at least one year. These contributions may take the form of innovations in practice, theory-building, important research, development of public policy, and/or distinguished service to the division and other LGBT organizations in psychology. Potential applicants are encouraged to peruse the list of current Fellows to gain an understanding the sort of contributions likely to achieve the level of excellence necessary for a successful initial application.

Initial Fellows Applications

The Div. 44 Fellows chair must receive completed applications (including all letters of recommendation typed on the APA required forms, which recommenders send directly to the Fellows Chair); no faxed or emailed materials are acceptable. Please submit all materials to the Fellows Chair, who can provide a mailing address for all materials. Materials are due (not postmarked) on December 15 annually.

How to Succeed: Some Hints for Intial Applicants

Your personal statement should be a detailed account of your contributions. It is not the time for modesty! Be explicit and direct about the contributions you have made and how they are unusual and outstanding ones. Ask your letter writers to be similarly specific and detailed. It can be very helpful to have letters from people who do not know you well personally, but who are familiar with your work, thus attesting to the impact you have had beyond your immediate professional network. The prestige of a letter-writer is secondary to the depth and specificity of what she or he can write.

Applications by Current APA Fellows

Members of the Division who are already Fellows of APA may apply for Fellow status in Division 44 by informing the current Fellows chair by letter of the nature of their contributions to LGBT issues. Applicants for Old Fellow status should submit a personal statement detailing their contributions to LGBT issues in psychology to the Fellows Chair by December 15th. For this purpose faxed or emailed materials may be accepted.

Date created: 2013