Div. 44 Book Series Submission Guidelines

The target audience for the series is typically psychologists, students, and other mental health professionals and behavioral scientists with an interest in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. However, books written for the general population are also welcome. Potential book authors or editors should submit a prospectus, as well as curriculum vitae of all coauthors or coeditors. The prospectus should address the following:

  • What are the title and purpose of the book? Who is the intended audience (primary and secondary)? How will the book benefit them?

  • Will the book be authored or edited? Who are the authors or editors? What are their qualifications and experiences related to the proposed book?

  • What will be the theoretical and empirical basis for the book?

  • How does your approach fit into contemporary theory, research, and application in your area of study or practice?

  • How would you structure the book? Any special features?

  • What are major selling points of your book?

  • What are the competing books in the market? What makes your book different? What would make the consumer buy your book instead of these others?

  • The length of each chapter and the book as a whole (i.e., estimated total number of double-spaced manuscript pages). Note that most books in the series will run 250-300 pages.

  • The timeline for completion of the book.

  • Contact information (address, phone, email) of lead author/editor and other authors/editors.

The prospectus should include an annotated table of contents, describing each chapter in a paragraph or two. For authored books, including a sample chapter can be helpful, but is not essential for the prospectus. For edited books, the names and affiliations of proposed chapter authors are needed, with indications as to whether the authors have already committed to write the chapters. If you have specific instructions for chapter authors, please include them. Please submit your prospectus and curriculum vitae to the Executive Editor electronically. You are encouraged to contact the editor to discuss your prospectus before submitting materials.