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2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit news

Div. 44 prepares to include LGBTQA work to NMCS 2015.

By Vic Muñoz

We are making good progress in programming that brings LGBTQA work to the2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) from diverse perspectives. And we have a preconference program that continues the work begun in 2013 facilitated by Anneliese Singh, lore m. dickey, and Michael Hendricks, “Affirmative Counseling with Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Clients: From Genderqueer to Letter Writing,” on Wednesday, Jan. 14.

Thank you to all the Div. 44 reviewers who have volunteered and who are reading the proposals. NMCS 2015 had an impressive number of proposals and reviewers are working their way through them with the deadline of June 26. Please be sure to get your reviews in by then.

In 2015, we have a new format. There will be a film festival which will include LGBTQA-related films Thursday and Friday as part of regular programming during the day with time for Q & A and discussion.

Check out the most recent news, including hotel information, along with a link for reservations. Registration information will be up soon.

About NMCS 2015

The 2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit will be an exciting and innovative summit rooted in the values of our founders. As multicultural psychologists, we embrace diversity, and reflect on the intersections of oppression and privilege. NMCS 2015 welcomes educators, policy makers, researchers and clinicians to reflect on what we have accomplished and consider where we need to go. In the spirit of Sankofa, we will look back to move forward.

The summit will provide a welcoming space to explore the question, “relative to science, service, training and policy, what has the multicultural psychology movement not yet accomplished?” Programming, including keynotes and “difficult dialogues,” is designed to provide a safe space to explore this question and seek answers.

Join us in 2015 to reflect within and reach out, to remove the borders that limit us and celebrate psychology without borders.

2015 NMCS Objectives
  1. To create a welcoming forum for the exchange of ideas regarding multiculturalism and disparities reduction between psychologists, trainees and related health professionals.
  2. To prepare psychologists, trainees, educators and related health professionals to address the needs of diverse people worldwide through multicultural education, health, well-being, policy and advocacy.
  3. To support the dissemination of knowledge by experts in multicultural psychology to professionals, trainees and organizations invested in multicultural concerns.
  4. To demonstrate the applicability of multicultural psychology to the daily functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and educational institutions.
  5. To build linkages and collaborations among psychologists, trainees, related health professionals, clients, consumers and communities to support economic and social justice.