Committee Reports

Committee on Bisexual Issues

Some changes and new activities

By Grady L. Garner , Jr., PhD, and Melanie E. Brewster, PhD

The Bisexual Issues Committee (BIC) of Div. 44 aims to foster discussion, scholarship and advocacy related to bisexual issues in psychology within Div. 44, and within the American Psychological Association more broadly. Our definition of bisexual includes people romantically and/or sexually attracted to more than one sex and/or gender. This may include both cisgender and transgender people who self-identify as bisexual, queer, pansexual, omnisexual, two-spirited, fluid, or who choose another non-heterosexual identity label.

Following the establishment of our Terms of Reference in Aug. 2013, the committee has worked to become a more active presence within Div. 44 and beyond. Specifically, we welcomed two student representatives, Amanda Pollitt and Andrew Brimhall , and an APA convention coordinator, Christopher Davids. Further, Lori Ross, long-time co-chair of the BIC (along with Grady Garner) stepped down from her position; Melanie Brewster has stepped in as co-chair. We'll miss you Lori!

Regarding new initiatives, the BIC is pleased to announce the dissemination of a monthly email update to our members entitled NewsBeyond the Binary which documents important current events, celebrity gossip, and academic scholarship about bisexuality and sexual fluidity. Our student representatives are also hard at work on a survey to BIC and Div. 44 members to promote comradery, awareness, and education.

Finally, we are pleased to announce two events during APA this year including our (1) Bisexual Issues Conversation Hour, in the Div. 44 Hospitality Suite and our (2) symposium entitled “Current Research in Bisexuality: Individual and Systems Intervention” on Aug. 9.