New Fellows of Div. 44

This year the division is pleased to have two new fellows and to have one current APA fellow who has now become fellows of Div. 44. There is much to say about each of these remarkable people, but we will provide a brief introduction to each of them here. Congratulations to our new “current” Fellow who have been Fellows in APA, now also in Div. 44:

Anneliese Singh, PhD, is a fellow in APA Div. 17 ( Society of Counseling Psychology ). She is an Associate Professor in the department of Counseling and Human Development Services at Georgia State University. Dr. Singh has made outstanding contributions to psychology with a focus on issues of social justice. Her scholarly endeavors have focused on moving from multicultural competence to social justice change and advocacy within counseling and psychology. She has made unique and unusual contributions in two major areas: (1) transforming research with historically marginalized groups (transgender youth and adults, queer people of color) in counseling and psychology, and (2) researching how counselors and psychologists engage in social justice change on LGBTQ issues. She has been a cutting-edge counseling psychology researcher on the resilience of transgender people, publishing five studies collaboratively examining how transgender people navigate transphobia and other systems of oppression (e.g., racism, heterosexism). We are happy to welcome Dr. Singh as a fellow in Div. 44.

The division is particularly proud to have three new fellows to APA through Div. 44.

Margaret Charmoli, PhD, has maintained a practice as a Counseling Psychologist in hospitals, clinics, corporations, governmental settings and educational institutions. She has consistently and creatively advocated for LGBTQ (“queer or questioning”) rights, bringing empirical research to bear on a variety of issues including bisexuality, transgender rights, as well as marriage equality in both the public and professional contexts. Dr. Charmoli currently serves on the Board of “Reconciling Works” a national organization of Lutherans advocating for greater inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) congregants in the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America. She developed and for eleven years hosted a public television show in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area known as “BiCities.” This show was a contributor to the successful effort to bring marriage equality to Minnesota. We acknowledge her outstanding contributions to psychology and the mission of Div. 44 and welcome Dr. Charmoli as a new Div. 44 fellow.

David Pantalone, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Massachussetts – Boston. He describes himself as a bridge-builder with a unique background in cognitive-behavior therapy research, LGBT psychology, and health psychology. Dr. Pantalone has successfully integrated these three areas, benefiting each. He is a named investigator on five NIH-fundied grants in this area (with three more planned for submission this year and he has served as an intervention developer and/or consultant on 5 others. His scholarly productivity is remarkable for someone who is in the early years of his career as a psychologist. He has been committed to mentoring students, particularly the next generation of LGBT psychology researchers. We enthusiastically congratulate and welcome Dr. Panatlone as a fellow of Div. 44.

If you are interested in becoming a fellow in the division the application process is easier than ever. Go to the APA Fellows Committee website and start with the self-evaluation form. Feel free to contact me for assistance or advice.