Division 44 Newsletter

A newsletter of Div. 44
April 2016

NMCS Travel Award Winner Essays

Winner: Advancing intersectional research as ethical issue

Continuing to advance theoretical and empirical research about the relationship between intersecting identities and psychosocial variables is imperative.

Winner: Acknowledging the nuance of culture and diversity: Reflections on ethics at NMCS 2015

As the U.S. continues to grow in its diversity, so, too, does the need to attend to intersectionality.

Winner: Psychologists' role in the movement for all black lives

Increase awareness and understanding by applying an intersectional analysis to social issues, such as the #blacklivesmatter or “Fix Society” movements.

Winner: Experiences of a first-time 2015 NMCS attendee

Psychologists must understand the various ways discrimination affects people, especially when there are intersecting identities.