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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance psychology in the practice and science of media communications and technology. The society is a community of researchers, psychologists and other mental health providers, consultants, educators and communications professionals actively involved with all forms of traditional and evolving media and emerging technologies. The society supports the study and dissemination of information related to the impact of the media on human behavior, as well as the development of media literacy essential to the public and professionals.


  • Support research that enhances the understanding of the impact of media technologies and the effectiveness of media and technology to transmit information and influence behavior
  • Develop a community for the discussion and development of theoretical frameworks for the study and practice of media psychology
  • Support the development and use of positive and prosocial media and technologies
  • Support efforts to educate the public and professionals in media and technological literacy and digital citizenship
  • Facilitate the interaction between psychology and media representatives to encourage a fair and accurate representation of the science and practice of psychology
  • Encourage the effective and ethical uses of media to inform the public about the science and profession of psychology and the impact of media and technology on individuals and society
  • Prepare psychologists to interpret psychological research to the lay public and to other professionals
  • Enrich and encourage the teaching, training, and practice of media psychology
  • Encourage adherence to APA ethical standards and guidelines in the use of media. The division has liaisons with the APA Education, Practice, Science and Public Interest Directorates.
Date created: 2013