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Committees and Other Assignments

APA Committee on Women in PsychologyKathryn Stamoulis, PhD, and Dana Klisanin, PhD

Awards Committee: V. Krishna Kumar, PhD

Bylaws Committee: Rochelle Balter, PhD

Convention Program Committee: V. Krishna Kumar, PhD, and Frank Farley, PhD

Editorial Policies and Guidelines Committee: Frank Farley, PhD

Entertainment Committee: Chrysalis Wright, PhD

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: Elizabeth Carll, PhD

Fellows Committee: Grant Rich, PhD

Finance Committee: Jennifer Gentile, PsyD

Liaison to Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education: Joanne Broder, PhD

Listservs Administrator: Greg Zerovnik, PhD

Media Watch Committee: James Kaufman, PhD

Membership Committee: Chrysalis Wright, PhD

News Media, Public Education and Public Policy Committee: Christopher Ferguson, PhD

Magazine Editors: Kathryn Stamoulis, PhD, and V. Krishna Kumar, PhD

Nominations and Elections Committee: Don Grant, PhD

Student Committee: Stephanie Miodus and Stephanie Joseph

Strategic Planning CommitteeDon Grant, PhD

Telehealth and New Technologies Committee: Ryan Hooper, PhD

Device ManagementJoanne Broder, PhD, and Don Grant, PhD

Committee on Sexualization of MusicChrysalis Wright, PhD

Website Master: Shahbaz Siddiqui

Last updated: January 2021Date created: June 2014

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