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The Div. 46 mission is to advance the science of psychology in the research, use and development of media and technology.


Division members obtain professional benefits:

  • Receive The Amplifier with member news, media research and APA information.
  • Receive important news via our announcement email list.
  • Communicate directly with other Div. 46 members on our discussion and research email lists.
  • Interact with some of the most interesting and creative people in psychology.
  • Act as a liaison for APA Practice Directorate’s Public Education Campaign.
  • Work with state associations to offer assistance in media training.
  • Work collaboratively with APA’s Public Affairs Office.
  • Participate in the task forces on new technologies or on critical issues such as media stereotyping.
  • Attend media programs at the APA Annual Convention and the Div. 46 midwinter conference and learn:
    • To work effectively with all types of media.
    • To translate psychology for the media and the public.
    • To establish ethical standards on the use of new and digital media in professional settings.
    • Current developments in educational technology.
    • How new technologies are being used in business, professional, educational and clinical environments.
    • To help establish media literacy best practices.


Associate members, full members, and fellows of APA are eligible to become associates, members and fellows of Div. 46. Annual dues are $25.

The professional affiliate status is reserved for credentialed school psychologists or other psychologists who are not members of APA. Professional affiliates can vote for all offices within Div. 46 with the exception of council representative, and they receive all divisional benefits (such as the division journal and newsletter). Annual dues are $25.

The international affiliate status is reserved for individuals who are credentialed psychologists, other psychologists or individuals pursuing preparation in psychology who live outside the United States and Canada. International affiliates should apply under the professional affiliate option. Annual dues are $25.

Student affiliate status is open to students who are enrolled in psychology graduate programs with the endorsement of a faculty member who is also a member of APA. Annual dues are $15.

Date created: 2015

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