Call for nominations for Division 46 Board of Directors

Nominate yourself or someone else for division president-elect, secretary or council representative.

Please consider serving on your APA Society for Media Psychology and Technology Division 46 Board of Directors in a leadership role, or please recommend a qualified colleague with whom you have been in touch and who is interested. We need your help in providing division leadership to continue developing action plans to move the Society to the forefront of the advancing field of Media Psychology.

The following positions are open for nomination until Feb. 4, 2013:

President-Elect: This position requires a commitment of three years. It begins as "President-Elect" in 2014. It then becomes "President" in January 2015, and ends as "Past President" in 2016.

Two Members-at-Large: Three-year term (2014-2016)

Secretary: Three-year term (2014-2016)

Council Representative: Three-year term (2014-2016) (Note: A Council member who has served for six consecutive years shall not be eligible for election or appointment for a period of one year as a Representative from any Division, State/Provincial/Territorial Association, or coalition.)

Nominations, including self-nominations, are welcome. State the position for which you are making a nomination. Include a brief statement of the nominee's interest and qualifications.

Please email nomination(s) to Bernard Luskin (Nominations Committee Chair)

The deadline is Monday, Feb. 4, 2013.