Welcome new board members

Meet Bernie Luskin, Frank Farley and Pamela Rutledge.

<insert image> Bernard (Bernie) Luskin, President- Elect, has participated in Division 46 for almost 20 years. He works internationally in the development of Media Psychology courses and degree programs and advising governments and companies in using media effectively. Bernie has been CEO of four colleges and universities, several Fortune 500 companies in electronic publishing, telecommunications, interactive media, and technology and has produced books, television series, and interactive applications. Examples include the first interactive Sesame Street CD, Compton’s and Grolier’s Encyclopedias. His Psychology Today Blog is, “The Media Psychology Effect.” He is active in Family Therapy and telehealth as well as consulting for media, research, and legal organizations. His UCLA doctoral focus was in computer assisted instruction. He has been recognized by the European Commission for Lifetime Contributions to media and education and received a 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Media Psychology Division.

<insert image>Frank Farley, Elected Member-at-Large: I am a former President of Division 46, and APA. I am honored to be elected Member-at- Large of the Society for Media Psychology and Technology. It is a thrill to be on the Board at this particular time as the Division becomes the “Society,” entering a new era. I have given much of my professional life in APA to this fine Division/Society, and worked hard with many others to bring about the justaccomplished title change and conversion to “Society.” We are one of the main locations in APA where the public meets psychology, with influence over the future of the field and the role APA plays in getting good ideas out to the public to improve lives and change the world! The new and emerging technologies relevant to psychology will increasingly be incorporated into our Society’s portfolio. A continuing issue in our Society is membership. We are one of the smallest APA divisions. With the explosive development of psychology-relevant technologies, it is time for us to grow! Your ideas to facilitate growth, and new directions for the Society, are welcomed. Please contact me with your ideas for the Society to pursue. I will bring them to the Board and get back to you about them. Thanks.

<insert image>Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA, Elected Member-at-Large, is a consulting psychologist specializing in message strategy, interactive media development, and experience design based on applying positive psychology for optimal engagement and positive growth. Dr. Rutledge worked with KCET on the design of the “Sid the Science Kid” website and Children’s Hospital, Boston during the development of the Generation Cures campaign. Dr. Rutledge also works with organizations to assess and develop core stories and strategies for transmedia branding. Dr. Rutledge is Adjunct Faculty in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department and Faculty Director of the Media Psychology Program at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. A writer, researcher, and speaker, she is also Director of the Media Psychology Research Center, adjunct at Fielding Graduate University, and an instructor and advisory board member at UC Irvine Extension. She developed and teaches courses on Social Media Audience Profiling, 21st Century Leadership, Narrative and Media, and Transmedia Branding through Storytelling. Dr. Rutledge authors “Positively Media” on PsychologyToday.com and is a frequent expert source for the media on the psychology of media and technology in popular culture, among them Good Morning America, LA Times, ABCnews.com, Toronto Sun, and USA Today. You can find her on Twitter at @pamelarutledge.