The creative web

Out-of-the-ordinary websites weave a creative connection between big ideas and innovative online participants.

By Frank Farley, PhD, Jean C. Allison, Thomas A. Dixon, Ashir Karim, Joseph A. Kumi, Shamima Sultana, William Tanguay, and Cathy Washington

We are caught in the web. It envelopes us, motivates us, thrills us, enrages us, destroys us, liberates us, controls us, inspires us. The web and the internet are the most fundamentally world-changing innovations of recent decades. What role are they playing in continuing the innovation, in creating the creativity we need for this challenging and risky 21st century? This short piece outlines a few interesting websites devoted to innovation and creativity in one way or another, in domains that are general in nature, or focused on education, or business-oriented. These sites may be helpful as resources or a starting point for an understanding of one of the most needed psychological qualities of ours or any time—creativity. The list was developed as part of a Temple University course on innovation and creativity, and is not an exhaustive list but one with some interesting and useful sites. Some sites may be for-profit, others not. Some sites may espouse particular perspectives or viewpoints, others not.

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From left to right, Frank Farley, Jean C. Allison, Thomas. A. Dixon, Ashir Karim, Joseph A. Kumi, Shamima Sultana, William Tanguay, and Cathy Washington

General Sites

Education-Related Sites

Organization/Business/Leadership Sites

  • Creativity at Work: Developing organizational creativity, innovation, leadership.

  • Business Innovation Factory: Among other initiatives, “each year BIF hosts a Collaborative Innovation Summit that brings crazy cool people from all walks of life together for two-days of storytelling, innovation and connection.”

  • Y Combinator: Supports and funds innovative collaborations between start-ups and industry professionals.