The Amplifier: Past Issues

  • October 2012

    In this issue: the potential danger of social media, an update on the internship situation, an interview with Jonah Lehrer, the evolution of communication technology and more.

  • April 2012[PDF]

    In this issue: proposed division name change, social media minefield and the effect of watching movies.

  • April 2011[PDF]

    In this issue: media addiction, an early media psychologist: Joseph Jastrow, hook-ups, the media watch committee.

  • October 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: case studies, information dissemination and humanitarian emergencies, fantasy sports, texting and movie bad boys.

  • April 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: pop psychology, what not to say to the media, March Madness, Healthy People 2020 goals, bylaws revision, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

  • October 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: psychology in Newsweek, celebrity scandals, and texting while driving.

  • July 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: the ethics of advertising by psychologists, online social networking sites in counseling, and sexting.

  • October 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: proposed division name change, the new book publishing environment, media interviews and talking to your kids about the financial crisis.

  • July 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: beyond video game violence, life as a video game producer, the other side of the Internet and creative writing.

  • April 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: positive psychology at the movies, cyberbullying, social media and relationships, and a review of In Treatment.

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