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Div. 46 Member Blogs

Many Div. 46 members blog about their research and other media psychology-related issues. See what they have to say and join the conversation. If you would like your blog listed here, join Div. 46 and send in your information.

How Fantasy Becomes Reality
Karen E. Dill-Shackleford, PhD
Growing conscious about how media influences individuals and cultures.

Advice and Reflections from Dr. Judy Kuriansky
Judy Kuriansky, PhD

APA’s Mind Body Blog
Helen L. Coons, PhD, ABPP
Coons' contributions typically focus on stress related issues; women's health and mental health; coping with cancer and other health related topics.

Character Strengths
Ryan Niemic, PsyD
Positive psychology and figuring out how to best unleash universal character strengths. In addition to the science and practice of strengths, this blog highlights mindfulness meditation, as well as the use of movies as an educational tool.

Compassion Matters: How to Save a Live
Linda Firestone, PhD

Dangerous Ideas
Roy Eidelson, PhD
How our core beliefs promote and prevent progressive change.

Device Devotion
Michael Fenichel, PhD
Fenichel's blog encompasses media and human-tech interaction.

Digital Altruism
Dana Klisanin, PhD
Cultivating compassion in the 21st century.

Do the Right Thing - Spirit, Science and Health
Thomas Plante, PhD
Reflections on doing the right thing for our body, minds and souls as well as for our relationships, communities and the world.

Dr. Balter's Blog
Lawrence Balter, PhD
Companion to TV archive of segments as resident psychologist on PIX 11 Morning News New York.

Dr. Tony Ferretti Blog
Toni Ferretti, PhD
Relationships and ways to achieve balance in career and family.

Growing Friendships
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD
Describes research and practial parenting tips about children's feelings and friendships.

Jennifer Shewmaker
Jennifer Shewmaker, PhD
The impact of sexualized and stereotyped media on children and adolescents and provides media literacy information for parents and caregivers.

Lifelong Love: Creating and Maintaining an Extraordinary Relationship
Phyllis Koch-Sheras, PhD, Co-authored with Peter Sheras, PhD, APBB
Issues, research and tips on sustaining fulfilling relationships based on our model of the 4 C's of Lifelong Love.

Love in Limbo: The Paradoxes of Dating and Mating
Linda Young, PhD

Media in Mind
Greg Zerovnik, PhD
Exploring the messy spaces where human behavior meets the media.

Media Psychology 101
Ken S. & Lisa Peyton Heller
A group blog that examines the world and the things that happen in it through the lens of media psychology and media literacy. A open invitation welcomes additional contributors.

Media Psychology Blog
Pamela Rutledge, PhD
The psychology of social media, transmedia storytelling and immersive technologies.

Millennial Media: The Media Saturated Generation
Goal Auzeen Saedi, MA

Mind Over Money
Brad Klontz, PsyD
Overcoming the money disorders that threaten our financial health.

Mindful Musings
Keely Kolmes, PsyD
Postings for clinicians using social media and for clients looking to engage in healthier habits on social media.

Movies and Mental Illness
Danny Wedding, PhD, MPH
Reviews and commentary about the portrayal of mental illness in contemporary films.

Name Calling, Insults and Teasing: A Guide to Anger, Conflict and Respect
Jeffrey Rubin, PhD

Parenting in a Digital World
Parent, educator and clinician advice on choosing and using popular games, apps and screen-based technologies with children.
Randy Kulman, PhD

Positively Media
Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA
Looking at the potential in media technologies to help people connect, grow and thrive.

Psych Law Journal
Maximillian Wachtel, PhD
Interesting information about forensic psychology targeting issues related to crime, motivation to commit crime, and ways of preventing crime, particularly through positive parenting practices.

PsychCentral Blogs
John Grohol, PhD

Danny Wedding, PhD, MPH
Reviews of books and films relevant to the science and practice of psychology.

Psychology Masala: The Creative Answer
V. Krishna Kumar, PhD

Real Conscious Living: Produce Your Own Life 
Nancy Mramor, PhD
Produce your own life is a guide to sorting influential media messages through conscious viewing, empowering skillful media choices that support healthy authentic living.

Research Notes: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice
Joanne Broder Sumerson, PhD

Secrets of Longevity
Howard Friedman, PhD
The self-healing personality and The Longevity Project.

Carol E. Webster, PhD
Success strategies to help people get ahead in life, with special focus on success management and the psychology of high profilers.

The Ethical Professor
Mitchell M. Handelsman, PhD
Thinking well and doing good in academia.

The Media Psychology Effect
Bernard Luskin, PhD
Important developments and events and comments on their media and communications effects analyzing theories in psychology applied to media and technology.

The Media Zone
Stuart Fischoff, PhD
How the media make sense and nonsense of the world.

The New Teen Age: How teens navigate this I-self world
Kathryn Stamoulis, PhD

The People's Professor
Frank Farley, PhD
Psychology 360: A brain-behavior buffet, heavy to lite, A to Z.

Wit and Reason
Alexis Moreno, PsyD

Date created: 2014