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About Div. 47

Founded in 1986, Div. 47 represents the field of exercise and sport psychology; an interdisciplinary specialization that cuts across psychology and the sport sciences. Our main goals:

  • For practitioners, to serve as a place to hone skills, gain ethical awareness, and network with other interested exercise and sport psychology service providers.

  • For scientists, to promote ethical and relevant research, and to provide networking opportunities with others with similar interests and ideas.

  • For students, to provide support, networking opportunities, mentoring and information about how to become a competent and ethical exercise and sport psychology professional.

  • For interested APA members, to provide information about this exciting niche within the world of psychology, and to encourage exercise at the annual APA conference through the coordination of Ray’s Race.

  • For the public, to inform about the basics of exercise and sport psychology, and act as a referral source for competent practitioners.

Div. 47 seeks to further the clinical, educational and scientific foundations of exercise and sport psychology. Through Div. 47, both practitioners and scientists with common interests have the opportunity to interact and to further their personal and professional capabilities. Applied service interests include promoting best practices in mental training techniques, ethical considerations in sport psychology service provision, practitioner self-care and clinical issues such as mood disorders and disordered eating with athletes. Areas of scientific inquiry include motivation to persist and achieve; psychological considerations in sport injury and rehabilitation; counseling techniques with athletes; assessing talent; exercise adherence and well-being; self-perceptions related to achieving; expertise in sport; youth sport; and performance enhancement and self-regulation techniques.

Individuals interested in the fields of exercise and sport psychology are encouraged to join Div. 47 to become connected to our vibrant community. Our division facilitates communication among our members through our quarterly newsletter, division email list and programming at the annual APA conference.

Mission of Div. 47

APA Div. 47 is a professional organization whose members are engaged in the science and practice of psychology within sport, exercise and human performance. The division develops, promotes and disseminates information to professionals and the public related to:

  1. Standards for competent and ethical practice

  2. Models of graduate and postdoctoral training

  3. Scientific knowledge that informs and guides practice

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Date created: 2011

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