Division Elections

Candidate statement for Member-at-Large: Mark Aoyagi, PhD

Mark Aoyagi submits his candidate statement for Division 47 Member-at-Large

Mark Aoyagi, PhDDr. Mark Aoyagi is the Director of Sport & Performance Psychology and Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. Mark has worked with several Division I athletic departments as well as youth, professional, and Olympic athletes. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado, a Certified Consultant, AASP (Association of Applied Sport Psychology) and is listed in the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology Registry. Mark is active in several professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, International Society for Sport Psychology, and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology; and has several publications and national conference presentations on the topics of sport psychology, team effectiveness, models of sport psychology practice, and ethics among others.

Mark earned a PhD in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from the University of Missouri in 2006 and was the Sport Psychology Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Southern California. Prior to that, he completed a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah in 1999 and a MS in Kinesiology, Sport Psychology emphasis from Georgia Southern University in 2001. He was the recipient of the 2005 AASP Student-Practitioner Award for excellence in applied sport psychology. Mark played rugby, football, baseball, and wrestling competitively, and now enjoys a variety of recreational sports and outdoor activities.

Position Statement

As Division 47 enters its 25th year, it is a fascinating time to be considered for membership on the Executive Board. It is with knowledge of the historical perspective, investment in the present, and a clear vision for the future that I humbly accept the great honor of running for Member-at-Large. I am ready to serve. I have grown, learned, and benefitted tremendously from my time in Division 47, and I hope to begin to repay this debt of gratitude in whatever small way I can by representing the many members who have given so generously of their time to me. In speaking with past and current Members-at-Large, I have gained an excellent understanding for what the position entails, and am prepared to fulfill these duties to the best of my effort and ability. I have attended the past four APA conventions and presented six times during this span, and am currently serving as Chair of the Division 47 Science Committee, a member of the Public Interest Committee, a member of the Practice Committee, and as a Program Reviewer.

As Member-at-Large of Division 47, my primary goal would be to represent the interests of the constituent members of the Division. Recalling my interactions with Division 47 as a graduate student and early professional, it was easy to trust in the effective leadership of the organization, and thus unfortunately it was difficult to imagine how I might contribute. I want to reach out to the membership, youthful and experienced, and demonstrate how they can make a difference and do have a voice in the organization. I will accomplish this by making myself available as frequently and as easily as possible, whether through email or telephone (303) 871-3882, conversations at the conference, or any other means necessary, I want members to feel their voices will be heard and their opinions are valued.

Similarly, as in our democratic system of government, to be effective participants in the leadership of Division 47 it is essential that the membership be apprised of the discussions, policies, and procedures that will shape the future of our profession. To this end, I will provide regular updates via the Division 47 Listserv® of relevant information as appropriate. I believe a well-informed constituency will result in greater involvement and investment in the present and future of the Division.

Finally, I will approach my role as a member of the Executive Board with the perspective of being a facilitator. I have performed the administrative aspects of my position at the University of Denver with the attitude that myjob in the role of director is to remove any bureaucratic barriers or impediments so that my talented colleagues can utilize their skill sets to their maximum potential. I believe this has prepared me to serve a similar role on the Executive Board where I can volunteer for any tasks that would interfere or otherwise distract from the capability of the Board to focus on the important issues facing our profession. That being said, I will not sit idly by during the Executive Board meetings, but rather will be an avid listener and thoughtful contributor representing both the majority opinion of the constituency and my own perspective.

I appreciate your consideration and hope you will join me in actively participating in the future of Division 47.