Division 47 Committees

Get involved and join one of the Division 47 committees for promoting sport psychology through education, science, practice, public interest and membership

Education Committee

Educates students, professionals and the public in a variety of sport psychology issues including how to become active in the Division, how to become trained in sport psychology, the basic elements that should be included in curricula for graduate training in sport psychology, and appropriate post-doctoral training in the field.

Edward F. Etzel, EdD, West Virginia University

Science Committee

Determines creative ways to increase the identification of sport psychology as a science to APA colleagues, students, and the public in general. Recommends Dissertation  Award recipient and generates nominations for theDistinguished Contributions to Science and Research in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Mark Aoyagi, PhD, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

Practice Committee

Explores the practice roles of exercise and sport psychology, including individual and group consultation guidelines, ethical and competency issues, certification issues, practice specialty guidelines and business/practice considerations. Generates nominations for the Bruce Ogilvie Award for Professional Practice.

Steve Portenga, PhD, Division of Athletics & Recreation, University of Denver

Public Interest Committee

Helps resolve issues of strong interest to the public (e.g., sport violence, problems in youth sport) and generates position statements. Coordinates the Giveaway-athon at the Convention and generates nominations for the Distinguished Contributions to Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Public Interest.

Scott B. Goldman, PhD, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Arizona

Membership Committee

Develops strategies to maintain a vibrant membership, assists the Executive Committee in being responsive to the members, and liaison with the APA Membership Directorate.

Christine L. B. Selby, PhD, Husson University