Division Reports

Council of Representatives report

This is a report prepared by the Division 47 Council of Representatives

By Karen D. Cogan, PhD

The Council of Representatives met February 18-20, 2011. Due to work commitments I was unable to attend, but Diane Finley graciously agreed to represent the interests of Division 47. Thanks, Diane! She did a stellar job, and I'm told she got into a "mess of a discussion" as a result of my instructions to her about one of the agenda items. Hey, I'm willing to take the blame if it will help.

Meeting Highlights

Overall, APA continues to be financially sound. All real estate holdings have tenants, and in spite of market volatility, APA's investments have performed well. APA is exploring new revenue streams, including many related to electronic publications.

Related to finances, there was substantial discussion about dues restructuring. The Council approved a decrease of $40 in dues for 2012 and eliminated the dual membership discount (e.g., discounted dues for those who also hold membership in other professional societies such as APS). The Council also approved some changes to the Life Status/Dues Exempt status, which is a bylaw change and would go to the membership for a vote in the fall. The Council postponed a vote on the issue of dues structure for the Canadian Psychological Association until the August meeting of Council.

The Convention Task Force reported on potential changes to the convention. The proposal focuses on reducing the total hours of programming and emphasizing collaborative or interdivisional programming. Each division will have a minimum number of program hours, and additional hours will be allocated based on division membership numbers. Let's keep our membership moving upward to ensure that we have a solid program of sport psychology topics.

Other agenda items that may be of interest to Division 47 members include the following:

  1. APA has launched the Good Governance Project (GGP). The GGP is a yearlong process of gathering information about APA governance to formulate a plan for the future of APA governance. Member input will be solicited so please respond if contacted.

  2. The revised Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology were approved. These principles are relevant for anyone teaching and can be accessed at the Education Directorate website.

  3. Several sets of guidelines were approved: Psychological Practice in Health Care Delivery, Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Clients, Practice of Parenting Coordination and Assessment of and Intervention with Persons with Disabilities.

  4. A Taskforce was formed to develop Guidelines for Telepsychology. The guidelines that are developed would likely have implications for D47 practitioners who use technology to work with athletes from a distance.

  5. Council approved continued support for the Center of the History of psychology at the University of Akron. Now that the Center has moved into a new building, efforts are underway to digitize much of the historical information so that is will be available to everyone online.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of what goes on in a Council meeting and how APA is working for you. Happy Spring!