Mid-Winter Executive Committee Meeting minutes

The January 15, 2011 meeting discussed the upcoming convention programming highlights and updated reports from the, Education, Membership, Practice, Public-Interest, and the Science Committee

The meeting was held at the Center for Balanced Living in Columbus, OH. 

Officers and Board Members present for the meeting: Jennifer Carter (President), Gloria Balague (President-Elect), Michael Sachs (Past-President), Amy Athey (Member-at-Large), Jack Watson (Member-at-Large), Karen Cogan (Council Representative) Doug Hankes (Secretary-Treasurer), Anthony Kontos (Program Chair), Steve Portenga (Newsletter Editor), Heather Ciesielski (President, Running Psychologists), Cassie Pasquariello (Student Representative), Laura DiPasquale (Student Representative); Guests: Jeff Martens (Editor, Journal of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology), Jack Lesyk (President-Elect, Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Bonnie Berger via conference call (President, Association for Applied Sport Psychology

January 15, 2011

President Jennifer Carter called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Officers, Board Members, and guests were introduced.

Standing Committee Reports

Education Committee:  Discussion that all committee liaisons to the Executive Committee (EC) needed to be updated. EC encouraged committee chairs to send committee information directly to the listserv. There is now an "Introduction to Sport Psychology" PowerPoint presentation on the Division's website. The EC and division members were encouraged to sign-up with APA media services.

Membership Committee:  Discussion on how to best welcome new members to the division.

Motion made by Anthony Kontos to recognize new member and affiliates in the newsletter and on the website. Michael Sachs seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Motion made by Michael Sachs that the senior student-representative (in consultation with the junior student-representative) be given a vote on the EC. Seconded by Jennifer Carter. Motion passed unanimously. President will explore the changes necessary in the by-laws to make this change. Discussion about the relationship of the bylaws to the Policy and Procedures (P&P) Manual.

Practice Committee:  The committee reported on their discussion of the definition of sport psychology, sport psychology competencies, compliance issues, and their communication with ACSM regarding the creation of a certification process that would include a written examination. It was suggested that ACSM might have the history and resources (including psychometric expertise) to successfully create the exam. The Practice committee will discuss partnering with the Science and Practice committees to continue this exploration. Discussion about locating outside grant funding including the APA Education Directorate. Jack Watson will replace Jennifer Carter as the Practice Committee liaison to the EC.

Motion made by Karen Cogan to support the pursuit for grant proposals. Seconded by Michael Sachs. Motion passed unanimously.

Public Interest Committee:  The committee will explore ways to increase African-American/Minority involvement. Gloria Balague will be the new liaison to the EC for this committee.

Motion made by Jennifer Carter to add to the Public Interest Committee's charge to address issues related to gender, minority, diversity, ethnic, sexual orientation, and disability. Gloria Balague seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion that the organization for the Giveaway-a-thon in Washington, D.C. needed to start soon in order to gain momentum. Suggested DC liaisons included Jessica Mohler, Amanda Visek, and Diane Finley. The EC will forward other names to the committee's chair, Scott Goldman.

Science Committee:  Mark Aoyagi is the new chair of this committee. Mark is forming the committee for this year's dissertation award, which has a February 15 deadline. Discussion that the date for the deadline for the dissertation award may need to be changed in order to get the award into the Division 47 Convention Program. Motion made by Jennifer Carter to move the deadline for dissertation award submissions to January 8. Seconded by Karen Cogan. Motion passed unanimously.

Distinguished Scientific and Research Contribution to Exercise and Sport Psychology: Motion made by Jack Watson that the P & P should be modified to read that nominees should be nominated by colleagues prior to the mid-winter meeting or by the EC at the mid-winter meeting. Seconded by Jennifer Carter. Motion passed unanimously. Discussion about nominees for this year's award by the EC. The Science Committee was tasked to find out where past dissertation award winners are. Jennifer Carter will contact the committee's chair. Anthony Kontos was appointed as the Science Committee's liaison to the EC.

2011 APA Convention Program

Program Chair Anthony Kontos reported that overall the admissions were excellent. There were 66 total acceptances and three of the symposiums will be submitted for CEUs. Discussion concerning the Division 47 25th Anniversary panels. Acknowledgement that the panels should reflect a balance of generations, historical perspective, and focus on what is advancing the field forward.

Motion made by Michael Sachs that the Dissertation Award be named after William Morgan, founder of Division 47. Seconded by Doug Hankes, Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion on how the Division 47 Social Hour could acknowledge past-presidents, EC members, and the history of the Division.

Running Psychologists Section

Heather Ciesielski summarized the results and outcome of the 2010 Ray's Race in San Diego. Heather has been in contact with three potential race companies in Washington, D.C. and is considering three different race locations. Due to the location of the convention in D.C., the race will be off-site and will require buses to transport runners. Call for sponsorships are currently going out. New for this year, an advertisement for Ray's Race was included in the APA packet for potential exhibitors.

Election Nominations

Discussion of potential President-Elect and Member at Large candidates.

Journal of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Journal Editor, Jeff Martens reported that submissions started on January 1, 2011. The first issue of the journal will come out in approximately one year. There will be a "zero" issue available in August at the APA Convention for promotional purposes. This issue will have sport, exercise, and performance psychology-related articles that have been previously published in other APAjournals. Discussion concerning the journal as a mechanism for CEUs.

Affiliate Memberships

Discussion that a mechanism needed to be added to the Division 47 website so affiliates can join the division.

Conference Call with Associationfor Applied Sport Psychology Representatives

President Bonnie Berger (off-site) and President-Elect Jack Lesyk (on-site) representing AASP. Three collaborative opportunities were identified: 1) increasing the number of sport psychologists in athletic departments. Rick McGuire and Steve Portenga are working on this initiative, 2) developing more mentorship opportunities including internship sites for graduate students, and 3) eating disorders and exercise.

Motion made by Jack Watson that the P & P will state that the senior student representative will create and maintain an internship list in conjunction with the senior AASP student representative as part of their position responsibilities. The internship list will be updated on each website annually. Seconded by Michael Sachs. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion made by Jack Watson that the P & P will reflect that the Division 47 President-Elect position responsibilities will include establishing and maintaining a collaborative relationship with the AASP President-Elect in a effort to create shared initiatives that promote the field of sport and exercise psychology. Seconded by Amy Athey. Motion unanimously passed.

Council Representative Report

Karen Cogan updated the EC on two lawsuits filed against APAand American Psychological Association Practice Organization. A Bylaws Amendment that would guarantee a seat to each Division and SPTA was defeated, as it did not reach a 2/3rds majority. Karen suggested that the amendment was defeated due to its language rather than its content. Daren shared the Report of the APA Task Force on the Psychological Effects of War on Children and Families Who Are Refugees From Armed Conflict Residing in the United States. A reminder that nominations for APA Boards and Committees are occurring. Diane Finley will attend the Mid-Year Council Meeting for Karen on February 18-20.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm.

January 16, 2011

President Jennifer Carter called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Secretary-Treasurer's Report

Doug Hankes reported that the transition of the secretary-treasurer's responsibilities are still in transition. Current invoices are up-to-date. Discussion that a 2011 budget needs to be determined, however, the information to complete that task was not available for the mid-winter meeting. The budget will be discussed via a conference call. Michael Sachs requested that Division Services be contacted to discuss how much money should be held in reserve. It may be that there is surplus money to spend on Division 47 initiatives.