Student Representative: Call for nominations

Become a liaison to the Executive Committee by submitting your nomination for a student co-representative who is also a student-affiliate of Div. 47

Each year, a student co-representative who is a student-affiliate of Division 47, is selected to serve the division and be a liaison to the Executive Committee. For this position, the student-affiliate shall:

  1. Attend the executive and business meetings of the division during the annual APA Convention, and if feasible, attend the mid-year meeting. He/she will provide a student-affiliate report regardless of whether he/she can attend the meetings.

  2. Write a column in the spring and fall issues of the division's newsletter.

  3. Assist the President in the selection of the new student-affiliate.

  4. Work with the program chair to plan a student meeting and/or student-affiliate sponsored presentation at the annual convention.

  5. Act as a liaison between student members and the Executive Committee on ideas, problems, concerns and suggestions.

  6. Sit on committees of the division and/or assist the committee chairperson in the selection of a student for the committee.

  7. Perform any other job agreed upon by the division President and/or Executive Committee.

For those student-affiliates who are interested in applying, please send:

(a) 1-2 page statement of interest in the position and

(b) a current vita to:

Dr. Gloria Balague, Division 47 President-Elect
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Illinois at Chicago
Telephone: (312) 996-8681
Fax: (312) 413-7841

Dr. Balague, in consultation with the current co-student representatives, will select the new student co-representative. Announcement of the new student representative will be made at the APA Convention.