Executive Committee meeting minutes

The minutes of our most recent meeting, including the reports from the Secretary/Treasurer, Student Representative, Public Interest Committee, and more

Renaissance Washington Hotel—Washington, DC Meeting Room 2
Division 47—Exercise and Sport Psychology APA Annual Convention

August 4, 2011

Officers and Board Members present for the meeting: Jennifer Carter (President), Gloria Balague (President-Elect), Michael Sachs (Past-President), Amy Athey (Member-at-Large), Jack Watson (Member-at-Large), Doug Hankes (Secretary-Treasurer), Anthony Kontos (Program Chair), Steve Portenga (Newsletter Editor Guests: Mark Aoyagi (In-Coming Member-at-Large); Scott Goldman (Chair, Public Interest Committee President Jennifer Carter called the meeting to order at 9:01 am. Anthony Kontos requested permission to provide the 2011 Program Report first due to a conflict in his schedule that required him to be at another location during the EC meeting.

2011 Program Report

Anthony Kontos, Program Chair, briefly reviewed the Division 47 Program for the 2011 Convention. He noted several changes in the Program due to APA decisions. There was one CE program offered by Division 47 at this year’s convention. There was brief discussion concerning a participant’s ability to attend a program later in the convention. Kontos noted that the call for 2012 convention proposals had already occurred. The EC commended Kontos for his excellent work in putting together the 2011 program prior to him leaving for another meeting.

Officers, Board Members, and guests were introduced.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

Doug Hankes reviewed the Division’s current financial status and gave a brief overview of the Secretary/Treasurer’s report to be given later in the convention at the Business Meeting. Hankes noted that the Division’s 2011 budget was simply a repeat of the 2010 budget and requested that time be set aside at this year’s mid-winter meeting to more specifically discuss the 2012 budget.

Student Representative Report

Cassie Pasquariello and Laura DiPasquale noted a number of student initiatives and issues including: 1) increasing student membership through utilization of the sport psychology listservs; 2) the need for increased student representation on division committees and overall student involvement; 3) circulation  ofthe “Top 10 Reasons to Join Division 47” at the convention; 4) follow-up on the mid-winter meeting item concerning students assisting with the new Division’s journal by being a third reader; 5) collaboration with AASP on regional student groups and on an internship guide.

Public Interest Committee Report

Scott Goldman, PI Chair, reviewed the committee’s activities for the year. Goldman facilitated a brief discussion concerning the future direction of the Give- Away-Athon. Goldman also reported that the committee was working on a concussion-related paper.

Ray’s Race/Running Psychologists

Heather Ciesielski, President, Running Psychologists, reported that they were projecting 180 runners for this year’s Ray’s Race and were “ready to go.” The projected number of runners met the requirements of the company managing the race and for obtaining park permits. Runners will be picked up at three convention hotels, and the race course is located approximately 4 miles from the Convention Center.


Michael Sachs reported that he and two of his graduate students gave a successful presentation at a local running store titled, “What You Believe, You Can Achieve: Using Mental Strategies to Enhance Training, Performance, and the Enjoyment of Running.”

Logo for Website

Possible new APA Division 47 logos designed by APA were discussed. No final decision was made regarding a logo choice. There was some discussion that additional feedback needed to be given to APA in order to facilitate logo designs that better represented the Division 47 message.

Council Representative Report

Chris Janelle, Charlie Brown, and Gershon Tenenbaum were approved for APA Division 47 Fellow status.

The Sport Psychology Proficiency in Professional Psychology was renewed until 2018.

Meeting was adjourned at 10 am.