APA Annual Convention preview

A lecture on he role of physical activity and postpartum weight retention and the Steven R. Heyman Memorial Keynote, titled "Power of Sport to Achieve Positive Change"

By Anthony P. Kontos, PhD

Okay, in case you forgot where this year’s APA Annual Convention is being held, let me give you a few hints: a talking mouse, lots of sunshine, and tons of fun things to do for everyone! That’s right, the 2012 APA Annual Convention is in Orlando, Fla., from August 2-5. And at this year’s convention, Division 47 is featuring many exciting programs and events:

  • Dr. Jim Pivarnik will deliver the ACSM Exchange Lecture on the role of physical activity and post-partum weight retention. Dr. Pivarnik’s talk is also featured as part of the APA Presidential Programming on Obesity.

  • Dr. Rick McGuire will receive this year's Bruce Ogilvie Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Practice.

  • Dr. Richard Lapchick will deliver the Steven R. Heyman Memorial Keynote, titled "Power of Sport to Achieve Positive Change."

In addition to the above featured programming, this year's program comprises a mix of clinical and research symposia, conversation hours, and paper and poster sessions. The complete program (with co-listed programs) will be featured in the summer newsletter and on the Division 47 website later this spring. Until then, I have included below a few examples of the exciting 2012 APA Convention lineup:

  • Invited Symposium titled, “mTBI Moving Forward: Perspective from Sport, Military and Rehabilitation,” co-chaired by Dr. Anthony Kontos and Dr. Kim Gorgens and featuring Dr. Frank Webbe.

  • Symposium on Extended Outlook on Effort Perception: From Description to Manipulation of Exertive Sensations by Dr. Gershon Tenenbaum and colleagues.

  • Symposium titled, “On Point: Issues Consulting With Ballet” by Dr. Kate Hays and colleagues.

  • Conversation Hour titled, “Sport Psychology in the Olympics,” that will feature sport psychology professionals who have  worked with Olympic athletes and teams.

  • Three Paper Sessions featuring: 1) Psychology of Injury, Eating Disorders and Aggression; 2) Professional, Academic and Development issues in Sports Psychology; and 3) Behavior, Motivation, and Self.

  • Speed Mentoring Café for students.

  • And as always, Ray's Race will take place on Saturday morning. I challenge Division 47 members to participate in the race this year. We may not all be the fastest runners, but we will certainly be able to “get into the heads” of our competitors!

Again this year, as every year, we would not have a peer-reviewed program without the tireless work of our 2012 Program Review Committee members: Mark Aoyagi, Amy Athey, Kimberlee Bonura, Justine Chatterton, Laura DiPasquale, R.J. Elbin, Tami Eggleston, Scott Goldman, Elizabeth Loughren, Renee Newcomer Appaneal, Cassandra Pasquariello, Steve Portenga, Selen Razon, Troy Rieck, Sherry Schweigert, Christine Selby, Gershon Tenenbaum and Steven Wininger. As usual, the reviewers did an excellent job, and are to be commended for their work. Thanks to everyone who reviewed!

Additional information about the 2012 APA Convention Program will be forthcoming soon from APA as they release hotel information, and inform presenters of specific dates/times for their programs. In the meantime, please contact me should you have any questions about the convention or programming. I look forward to seeing you in the “Magic Kingdom” this August!

Anthony P. Kontos, PhD, APA Division 47 Program Chair