Editor’s column

I would also like to put out a call for short articles, thought pieces and point-counterpoint articles. to be included in upcoming issues

By Steve Portenga, PhD

I hope this issue of the newsletter finds you all enjoying the record temperatures around the country this spring. After a recent cold and rainy trip to Istanbul with USATF, I know I’m personally excited for spring. With the new year and new season we also issue in a new look to the newsletter. The executive committee decided in our last meeting to save the division money by having the newsletter editor take on responsibilities for the newsletter design. Hopefully you find the new look and feel refreshing, easy to read, informative, and just kinda nice to flip through. Please let me know your thoughts and any feedback you might have to make the newsletter better suite your needs.

In this issue we highlight our current award winners. I’ve added more information about the winners than in past issues to better highlight their experiences, and provide some insight into why they received the awards. Hopefully you get to learn more about each person in the process. Heck, if it works for People magazine, maybe it will work for the division newsletter as well.

This issue also contains the candidate statements for the new executive committee positions. You’ll notice this year that the student representative positions are now elected instead of appointed. This is part of the bylaws changes voted upon by you, the membership, this winter. These changes are also reported within.

I would also like to put out a call for short articles, thought pieces, point-counterpoint articles, etc. to be included in upcoming issues. I’d like to make the newsletter more informative and something worth looking forward to. If you have any ideas, please pass them along.