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Candidate statement for Student Representative: Michelle S. Garvin

I would help students find mentors and opportunities to aid in the exploration of their interests

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Princeton University and I am currently in my fourth year of the clinical psychology PhD program at George Washington University. Sport and exercise has always been a significant part of my life and to that end I continue to be active in many sports as a participant, coach, and practitioner. I am currently completing a practicum experience at the U.S. Naval Academy where I conduct individual sessions with midshipmen struggling to meet the physical requirements of the Academy. I am also developing a mental skills training program for midshipmen who are having difficulty passing the Physical Readiness Test. In addition, I have developed and am implementing a performance enhancement training program with national level high school swimmers in the Washington, D.C. area. Additionally, my research interests focus on motivation in athletes and performance enhancement. I am active in professional organizations and am currently an AASP member and a member of the Division 47 Public Interest Committee.

As a graduate student in a clinical psychology program, finding my way in the field of sport and exercise psychology has been challenging. Upon joining Division 47, I have been able to better navigate my way in the field and find the mentorship and guidance that I was lacking early in my graduate career. I am excited to be considered for the Student Representative position so I can give back to the division and help other students have similar experiences.


One of the main goals of Division 47 is “to provide support, networking opportunities, mentoring, and information [for students] about how to become a competent and ethical exercise and sport psychology professional.” As the student representative I would work to further this goal and develop a stronger student involvement in Division 47.

A primary way I would further this objective is to help students find mentors and opportunities to aid in the exploration of their interests. I hope to achieve this by developing a list of willing mentors, so that students can be matched with a knowledgeable individual in their area. Additionally, I would coordinate with the Executive Committee in an effort to increase the training opportunities available to students and make the opportunities that currently exist more widely known. 

Constantly updating and advertising pre- and post-doctoral programs with emphases in this field as well as increasing student awareness of ways to translate current interests and passions into careers would be a priority for me.

Finally, I hope to become involved the continuing discussion related to what qualifies one to be a "sports psychologist." It is incredibly important that our field develop and maintain consistent standards of competence and ability to preserve the integrity of our profession. I would provide a voice from the student perspective and keep the student population updated on the developments. Additionally, I would work to increase communication with other organizations that strive for similar professional standards, namely AASP, to maintain a constant dialogue between organizations.