Student representatives' column

Students are encouraged to apply for the student dissertation award, serve on a Division 47 committee, attend the APA convention and become a student editorial reviewer

By Cassie Pasquariello and Justine Chatterton, MS

Hello fellow students.

We hope this newsletter finds you well as your school year comes to an end. At the Division 47 Executive Committee meeting in January, 2012 we discussed many opportunities for student members to get involved with Division 47.

Students are encouraged to apply for the student dissertation award, serve as a student member on a Division 47 committee, attend the annual APA convention, and/or become a student editorial reviewer for the new Division 47 journal Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. We are excited about these opportunities and encourage you to contact us with questions and interest.

At this year’s APA convention, Division 47 celebrates its 26th year. As student reps we hope to have more students than ever at the convention, as we are the future of exercise and sport psychology. We hope you can join us at the APA Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla., this August, 2012. Special programming for Division 47 students will include the annual speed mentoring event. During speed mentoring, students will have the opportunity to sit with exercise and sport psychology professionals and ask questions regarding career interests, professional development, networking and other topics. We will post information on speed mentoring and the names of the mentors on the Division 47 website as soon as the mentors are confirmed.

The convention provides many opportunities for students to participate with Division 47. Each year, Division 47 hosts Ray’s Race, a 10K. Ray’s Race is a hallmark of convention this year and we encourage you to either run in or volunteer to help work the race. The race is an excellent opportunity to congregate with professionals and students.

In addition to Ray’s Race, students may attend key lectures and workshops by leaders in the field, where you would have the opportunity to network with sport and exercise psychology professionals. For more information on these opportunities, please visit the Student page of the Division 47 website.

Many of the Division 47 committees (e.g. Science, Education, Membership, Practice and Public Interest) are looking for students to serve on them. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email Cassie or Justine.

Division 47 has recently branched out into the world of social media, which is another great opportunity for students to get involved. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Headlines from the field of exercise and sport psychology are posted regularly and this is a great way to interact with other students and professionals alike.

Finally, Division 47 student reps have been working with the student reps from the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) to collaborate to better serve you, the future of sport and exercise psychology.

We look forward to your involvement in Division 47 and are here to support you in navigating your professional development in Exercise and Sport Psychology. Please email us to get more involved.

Sincerely, Cassie & Justine