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Editor's column: iPerformance psychology

This issue highlights Division 47's programming during the Annual APA Convention in Orlando

By Steve Portenga, PhD

I started the spring issue by stating: I hope this issue of the newsletter finds you all enjoying the record temperatures around the country this spring. Seems I can start this summer’s issue with the same sentiment. Although Orlando may not be first on some people’s list of places to go to avoid the summer heat, the convention is shaping up to be another informative get together. There are many great sessions on the program. And there are always wonderful opportunities to connect with old colleagues and meet new ones.

This year’s convention takes place as the same time as the London Olympic Games. Division 47 will have some special programming to highlight the role of sport & performance psychology in preparing athletes for the Games. The APA Monitor recently published a short article on this as well.

In this issue we highlight the Division 47 programming that will be part of the convention. There are many events throughout the convention for old timers and new attendees alike. There are also great sessions through other divisions as well. You will be rewarded if you take the time to look through the APA Online Convention Program.

As before, I would also like to put out a call for short articles, thought pieces, point counterpoint articles, etc. to be included in upcoming issues. I’d like to make the newsletter more informative and something worth looking forward to. If you have any ideas, please pass them along.