Division Reports

Div. 47 Executive Committee report

The committee discussed the give-away-athon, the division website and journal, the convention program and social media
Aug. 2-3, 2012

Executive committee members present for the meeting included: Trent Petrie (President-Elect), Jennifer Carter (Past-President), Jack Watson (Member-at-Large), Mark Aoyagi (Member-at-Large), Doug Hankes (Secretary-Treasurer), Anthony Kontos (Program Chair), Heather Ciesielski (President, Running Psychologists), Cassie Pasquariello (Student Representative), and Justine Chatterton (Student Representative).

Gloria Balague, (President), Steve Portenga (Newsletter Editor), and Karen Cogan (Council Representative) were absent. President-Elect Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 4:46 p.m. ET.

Aug. 2, 2012

Executive Committee (EC) Members were introduced. Trent Petrie thanked the EC for coming to Orlando early to allow more time at the convention for the EC meeting.

Trent Petrie shared that Gloria Balague was not able to attend the cnvention due to a family emergency, and that she had requested that he facilitate the meeting. Dr. Balague’s presidential address was cancelled.

Steve Portenga and Karen Cogan were not able to attend the convention due to job responsibilities related to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Trent Petrie announced that the Give-Away-Athon for the 2012 APA Convention had been cancelled. A discussion ensued regarding the history of the Give- Away-Athon and whether the program should continue to be offered in the future.

Jennifer Carter was again acknowledged for her hard work in shepherding the Proficiency in Sport Psychology through the APA renewal process. Jack Watson shared that the association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) has formed a task force to study its current certification process. Discussion occurred and focused on whether Division 47 could become more involved in the task force or provide a liaison to the AASP task force. Jack Watson, the current AASP President-Elect, indicated that he would explore the possibility of an invitation to Division 47.

Social Media
Jennifer Carter updated the EC on Division 47 social media activities. Given the time and energy that has been needed to initiate and maintain a Division 47 social media presence, a discussion occurred as to whether the Division 47 social media activities should require a sub-committee or committee to monitor and maintain it. An initial proposal for the formation of a Social Media Committee was discussed and tentatively approved. It was agreed that the creation of the Social Media Committee needed the approval of the Division 47 President, Gloria Balague. Trent Petrie indicated that he would follow-up with Gloria Balague.

APA Division 47 Website
Mark Aoyagi reported that the website was functioning smoothly. Discussion ensued regarding whether the website was “user friendly.”

Motion made by Trent Petrie that the senior member-at-large responsibilities be changed to include the moderation of the Division 47 email list. Motion seconded by Doug Hankes. Motion passed unanimously, 6-0.

2012 Program Report
Anthony Kontos, Program Chair, briefly reviewed the Division 47 program for the 2012 convention. The EC commended Kontos for his work in putting together another excellent program in 2012. Clarification of junior and senior program chairs responsibilities were discussed.

Journal Report
Jeff Martin provided a report on the activities of the journal that was summarized by Trent Petrie. The report indicated that: 1) there is a 75-85 percent rejection rate; 2) turn over for journal submissions is three - four months which is considered excellent; and 3) a journal impact number cannot be calculated until the journal has been published for three years.

Student Representative Report
Cassie Pasquariello and Justine Chatterton indicated that they are continuing to work to give graduate students the opportunity to review journal submissions. They requested that student-specific information be obtained when the member survey is initiated. The student representatives reported that there has been increased collaboration with AASP student representatives. Discussion occurred about expectations and financial considerations for incoming EC members and attendance at the Convention.


  • Committee reports will be forwarded to EC members via email.

  • The Council Representative report was not available at the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:09 p.m. EST

Aug. 3, 2012

President-Elect Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. ET.

Junior and Senior Program Chairs
Courtney Albinson (Senior Program Chair) and Jamie Shapiro (Junior Program Chair) were introduced to the Division 47 EC.

Secretary-Treasurer Report
Doug Hankes reviewed the Division’s current financial status and gave a brief overview of the secretary-treasurer’s report to be given later in the convention at the business meeting. Hankes indicated that the division was within its budget. He requested that time be set aside during the EC’s next conference call to discuss the 2013 budget.

Mid-Winter Meeting
Trent Petrie suggested and elicited discussion concerning increasing the length of the 2013 Mid-Winter meeting in order to have two full working days. Discussion also occurred about who should attend the meeting given the increase in the number of EC members. Petrie will work with the secretary-treasurer and study the estimated cost of the Mid-Winter meeting in light of the 2013 budget.

Ray’s Race/Running Psychologists
Heather Ciesielski, President, Running Psychologists, reported Division Services was no longer providing assistance with the race and were requiring that they rent an exhibitor booth for registration and packet pick-up. This had substantially increased the cost of putting on this year’s race. Ciesielski requested support from Division 47 to advocate with Division Services for a change that was less expensive. Ciesielski reported that nine sponsors had been secured with three of the sponsors being new ones. She indicated that she was very pleased with the race organizer for the Orlando race and anticipated a successful 2012 race.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55 a.m. ET.

Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting Minutes

Sept. 26, 2012

Trent Petrie began the conference call at 1 p.m. CST.

Agenda items included:

  • EMP Letter from division
  • Policy of Executive Committee nominations
  • Excel spreadsheet showing four-year membership
  • Division 47 Membership application
  • Committee reports from the 2012 APA Convention

Discussion ensued on each of the agenda items. Given the time constraints of the conference call, Trent Petrie requested to send out a follow-up email message with a description of five items requiring an EC vote. Those EC members on the conference call agreed to Petrie’s request.

Conference call ended at 1:59 pm CST.

Follow-up Email Vote Sent to the Executive Committee

Sept. 28, 2012

Discussed creating a policy to guide the process used for nominating individuals to the EC. The intention of the policy is to have a more open procedure that encourages more of the membership to be involved.

  • Vote-1: I approve adopting the policy for nominating members for vacant EC positions.

    As described in the letter and Q/A from the Division 47 Council Representative, APA will be having the broader membership vote on expanding the council of representatives for the ethnic minority psychological association. If we, as the EC, support this move, we will then communicate with Division 47 membership and encourage them to support the initiative. If we approve, the letter of support will go to the Public Interest committee for their input and support. If they support it as well, the letter will be modified to indicate that the “EC and the Division 47’s Public Interest Committee” support the initiative.

  • Vote-2: I support the Division endorsing the EMPA initiative and sending our letter of endorsement to the division membership prior to the APA vote.

    The EC discussed forwarding two bylaw issues to the membership for vote. The first issue concerns allowing student members the opportunity to vote for EC members (and their own representatives), except for Council Representative, which is an APA position. Given that student representatives are now nominated and voted on, we may want student members included in that process. The second issue concerns the creation of a Past-President’s council, which will serve as an advisory board to the current presidents. This council can provide institutional history and serve the presidents as needed (e.g., be tasked with important projects). We also discussed having one member of the PP Council attend the midyear meeting. If approved by the EC, Trent Petrie will draft the proposal and get feedback from the EC before we put it forth to the membership.

  • Vote-3: I approve a bylaw vote by the division’s membership regarding student members being given the same right to vote on division matters as professional members (as allowed by APA).

  • Vote-4: I approve a bylaw vote by the division’s members regarding the creation of a Past-President’s council to serve as an advisory board to the current presidents.

  • Vote-5: I support raising the Associate Member dues to the same level as the Professional Member dues.

Trent Petrie requested that EC members send their vote (Yes or No) for each of these measures by 5 p.m. CST on Wed., Oct. 3.

Follow-up Email Vote Results Announced

 Oct. 4, 2012
  • Issue 1: passed 6-1

  • Issue 2: passed 7-0

  • Issue 3: passed 7-0

  • Issue 4: passed 7-0

  • Issue 5: passed 6-0