Division Reports

Division 47 Membership Committee report

The committee plans a better face-to-face outreach approach, using regional and national conferences to gather members to engage with Div. 47 initiatives

By John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD

Membership activity since the annual meeting in Florida this year has been brisk. The membership goal is to grow the total membership of our division 20 percent by the 2014 APA Annual Convention. To achieve these goals we are collaborating with the Social Media Committee to advance online membership efforts and working to develop better integration of members that are APA Div. 47 and AASP members. A work in progress is to develop a better face to face outreach approach by using regional and national conferences as a means of gathering members to engage with Div. 47 initiatives. These areas of development go on above our regular contact with member’s ranges from networking them to other members, answering their questions about the field and providing organizational information.

Committee Recruitment

We are recruiting two - three members to strengthen the Membership Committee. The role would entail one - two hours per week to help grow and develop membership engagement and retention and participate in conference calls every four - six weeks.

Membership Retention Feedback

Retaining members is a key aspect of the division’s membership effort. We would like to learn how the membership committee can help members be retained. Tell us how members could be retained by the division, give us an idea and think about joining the committee to improve our retention efforts.

For more information, please contact Dr. Coumbe-Lilley