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Vote on the ethnic minority psychological association amendment

Members are encouraged to vote yes to pass the proposed APA Bylaw amendment

The Division 47 Executive Committee (EC) and Public Interest (PI) Committee endorse APA's policies to increase diversity in membership and governance. In support of this priority, the Division 47 EC and PI Committees encourage our members to vote yes to pass the proposed APA Bylaw amendment.

This amendment will provide a voting seat on the APA Council of Representatives for each of the four national Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations (EMPA). The groups consist of the Asian American Psychological Association, Association of Black Psychologists, National Latina/o Psychological Association, and Society of Indian Psychologists.

Division 47’s leadership drew upon the following important and compelling information:

  • The APA Council of Representatives was strongly in favor in its support of this amendment.
  • The EMPAs’ missions include the advancement of the science, practice, and education in psychology, including the growing field of ethnic minority psychology.
  • These EMPAs have already undergone rigorous governance review, comment, and deliberations in seeking seats on the APA Council of Representatives.
  • The seats from the four EMPAs will be added to the current 162 seats on council and will not affect the current structure of the apportionment balloting systems between the SPTA and division seats.

The Division 47 EC and PI Committees would appreciate your consideration of this important bylaw amendment and stress the importance of casting your vote in support of the bylaws change. For more information contact Karen Cogan, Division 47 Council Representative or Kate Hays, Division 47 incoming Council Representative. We welcome any questions you might have on this initiative,