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Executive Committee contact information

Feel free to contact any member of the committee with questions, feedback or for additional information about the division.

By Christopher M. Bader, PhD
  • Past-president: Gloria Balague, PhD
  • President: Trent Petrie, PhD
  • President-elect: Christine Selby, PhD
  • Secretary/treasurer: Doug Hankes, PhD
  • APA Council representative: Kate Hays, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Anthony Kontos, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Mark Aoyagi, PhD
  • President, Running Psychologists: Heather Ciesielski, PhD
  • Program chair: Courtney Albinson, PhD
  • Program chair: Jamie Shapiro, PhD
  • Communications coordinator: Chris Bader, PhD
  • Student representative: Justine Chatterton, MEd
  • Student representative: Michelle Garvin, MPhil