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Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes

Check out the highlights of the minutes from the Mid-Winter Meeting.

By Doug Hankes, PhD
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes  
Denton, Texas; February 28-March 3, 2013

Executive Committee members present for the mid-year meeting included: Trent Petrie (president), Christine Selby (president-elect), Gloria Balague (past-president), Anthony Kontos (member-at-large), Mark Aoyagi (member-at-large), Doug Hankes (secretary-treasurer), Courtney Albinson (senior program chair), Jamie Shapiro (junior program chair), Chris Bader (communications coordinator), Heather Ciesielski (president, Running Psychologists), Michelle Garvin (student representative), Justine Chatterton (student representative), and Kate Hays (council representative).

February 28, 2013

President Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 4:45 p.m. CST. Executive Committee members were welcomed and introduced.

Program Chairs Report
Program Chairs Courtney Albinson and Jamie Shapiro updated the EC on the 2013 Div. 47 program for the APA Convention including the selection of Stephanie Hanrahan to present the Steven Heyman Memorial Lecture. At the DLC, program chairs developed 11 themes that will be narrowed to four to five by the Central Programming Group. Divisions will collaborate together to submit programs around these themes.

Division Leadership Conference
Christine Selby gave a brief report of her attendance at the DLC.

Council Representative Report
Kate Hays reported that APA is attempting to "break down silos" between the directorates.

Secretary-Treasurer Report
Doug Hankes presented the EC with the past year’s Div. 47 financial statement. Current invoices are up to date. Proposed budgets for the past three years have remained unchanged. With a new secretary-treasurer being elected this year, it may be time to revisit the budgeting process.

Running Psychologists Report
Heather Ciesielski reported that there were 140 participants in 2012 Ray’s Race in Orlando, Fla. Ciesielski reported that the Running Psychologists will be back under Division Services at the 2013 Convention and will not have to pay for being an exhibitor in the Exhibitor Hall. Ciesielski has signed a contract with a race management organization in Hawai'i that will be able to handle all aspects of the race. The last Ray’s Race in Hawai'i had over 200 runners, and she is anticipating a large turnout for the race in 2013. This will be Ciesielski’s last year as president of the Running Psychologists. The EC commended her for her hard work and contributions to the Div. 47 EC.

Newsletter Editor Report
Chris Bader was welcomed by the EC as the new newsletter editor. Bader shared his ideas for the newsletter and facilitated a discussion about the future and evolution of the newsletter, including the use of more social media.

Performance Psychology Section
Kate Hays updated the EC on the proposed creation of a Performance Psychology Section within Div. 47. She noted that the requirement of obtaining signatures of 5 percent of the membership has already been met. Hays indicated that at this time all requirements have been met for the EC to approve the creation of the section. The vote was put on the agenda for later in the mid-year meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:01 p.m. CST.

March 1, 2013

President Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 9:46 a.m. CST.

Petrie and Hays reported that Gloria Balague was nominated by Div. 47 for CODAPAR (Committee on Divisions/APA Relations).

Interdivisional Grants
Kate Hays led a discussion focused on APA interdivisional grants and suggested that this might be an excellent idea for Div. 47 to become involved. The grants are typically $2500 and encourage divisions to talk and work together.

Membership Survey Results
Christine Selby presented the results of the recent Div. 47 Membership Survey. The survey was created to assist in defining directions for the division. There were 226 responders to the survey, and the survey generated a plethora of information.

Sport Psychology Philosophical Topics Discussion
Trent Petrie facilitated a discussion centered on defining the practice of sport psychology. Three important constituents were identified: 1) students (education and training); 2) consumers; and 3) practicing psychologists. The EC focused on identifying what Div. 47 could be doing to enhance each of the constituents' sport psychology identity and experience. A preliminary list of potential action items was generated for each of the constituents.

Reciprocal Posting of Information
EC discussed policy on dissemination of information regarding reciprocal postings for Div. 47 and other organizations.

Education and Training Award
Gloria Balague facilitated a discussion concerning the difficulty in comparing individuals with graduate programs when determining the education and training award.

Past-President’s Advisory Council
The creation of the Past-President’s Advisory Council (PPAC) was previously approved in a by-laws vote. Trent Petrie facilitated a discussion on how to best utilize the PPAC as a resource for Div. 47.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:24 p.m.

March 2, 2013

President Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m. CST.

Final discussion and follow-up items specific to the PPAC.

Follow-up discussion on yesterday’s discussion about the definition of the practice of sport psychology.

2013 APA Convention
Program Chairs Courtney Albinson and Jamie Shapiro facilitated a discussion of issues related to the convention.

APA will be creating free webinars to promote psychology to the public. Ideas were generated to provide APA with topics associated with sport and exercise psychology (e.g., exercise and mental health, concussion, etc.).

Committee Reports and Elaboration of Action Items
Petrie facilitated a more detailed discussion on the potential action items that were initially identified in yesterday’s discussion regarding the definition of practicing sport psychology for each of the constituent areas: 1) students, 2) consumers, and 3) practicing psychologists. Action items were identified that could be assigned to different Division 47 committees and groups.

EC Nominations
Gloria Balague requested and was granted time to discuss issues related to finding Div. 47 members to run for office. This has been an increasingly difficult task for the past president, and the EC was in agreement that an up-to-date pool of potential candidates would make it easier.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

March 3, 2013

President Trent Petrie called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. CST.

The EC continued an ongoing discussion that occurred throughout the mid-year meeting specific to ideas to improve the website, as well as increase the division’s social media presence. At this time, it appears that the division will need to explore alternative website options (e.g., WordPress) in order to supplement what the division currently does through APA.

Chris Bader and the EC discussed the future of the newsletter, as well as the specifics of the next issue. Bader is currently soliciting content that he believes will be of interest to the membership. It was agreed that the current PDF format will continue to be used for now.

Action Items Revisited and Prioritized
Action items for each of the committees and groups were revisited and prioritized. Trent Petrie and EC members who oversee committees will communicate with each of the committees regarding action items specific to them.

Remaining Motions and Votes
Three remaining motions were voted on and all were passed unanimously.

APA Committee and Board Structure
APA Committee and Board Structure was reviewed and discussed.

Trent Petrie extended his thanks to the EC for their focus and energy during the extended mid-year meeting. The EC thanked Petrie for his facilitation and organization of the mid-year meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.