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Policy changes

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By Anthony P. Kontos, PhD

The following changes were addressed, voted on, and approved at the Mid-Winter Meeting.

Past President: New responsibility added: The past-president’s final newsletter column will be a reflection of their time in the division, with a focus on institutional memory related to the division and the field. The past-president will also chair the Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council.

Senior Member-at-Large: New description of responsibilities.

Student Representatives: New responsibility added — maintain a consistent presence in APAGS.

Program Chair: New responsibilities added.

Communication Coordinator: New position and description of responsibilities – replacing the newsletter editor position.

Nominations Committee: New description of committee charge.

Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council: New description of council charge:

The purpose of the Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council (PPAC) is to foster “divisional memory” through mentoring with the current Executive Committee, recommendations for the Executive Committee positions and award nominations, consultation on mid-winter and convention meeting agenda items, and other divisional issues. The PPAC will comprise APA Div. 47 past-presidents and will be organized and chaired by the immediate past-president. In addition to periodic contact, the PPAC will meet in person once per year at the APA Annual Convention to discuss nominations for the Executive Committee positions and awards, as well as other issues related to the division. These nominations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee prior to the Mid-Winter Meeting.

Exchange Lectures: New description of lecture.  

Dissertation and Thesis Awards: New description of awards:

Div. 47 of the American Psychological Association invites submission of applications for annual dissertation and thesis awards. These awards recognize outstanding student research that has the greatest potential for making a significant contribution to the theoretical and applied knowledge base in exercise and sport psychology.

Application requirements are as follows: 1) Students must be a member of Div. 47 at the time of nomination/application; 2) a 1500-word abstract which includes (a) introduction, (b) review of literature, (c) methodology/statistics, (d) discussion, and (e) contribution to science and practice; 3) the name and contact information of the students’ advisors; and 4) confirmation of the completion of the dissertation or thesis and the degree by Dec. 31 of the previous year. Applications must be received by Dec. 31.

At the convention, the Dissertation Award recipient(s) will receive a plaque, monetary gift of $250, and convention registration; and will present his/her dissertation research as a featured award poster to the APA Div. 47 membership. At the convention, the Thesis Award recipient(s) will receive a plaque, monetary gift of $150, and convention registration; and will present his/her thesis research as a featured award poster to the APA Div. 47 membership.

Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Exercise and Sport Psychology: The references to “training program” were deleted. It is now only for "sport psychology professionals."

Early Career Professional Award: New description of award:

The Early Career Professional (ECP) Award honors an individual who has made substantial contributions to sport, exercise or performance psychology. The recipient must be a current member of Div. 47, and have received his or her degree no more than seven years prior to the award decision. Nominations must include the completed APA Div. 47 ECP Award Biographical Sketch form and a letter of nomination noting the impact of the contribution to either the science or practice of SE&P psychology generally and the nominee’s involvement in Div. 47 specifically. For self-nominations, which are encouraged, one additional letter of support is required. The recipient of the award is given a plaque and a cash prize of $500. In addition, the recipient is invited to give a presentation at the convention related to his/her contribution to the field. Nominations must be received by Dec. 31 of the year before the award is presented. Only electronic submissions will be accepted and they must be sent to the past-president of Div. 47.

Website: New description of role of communications coordinator for website.

Policy Regarding Posting Information on Division Media: New description of policy:

The division will allow the posting of appropriate professional information on division media by recognized professional organizations (e.g., AASP, ACSM, other APA divisions…). All postings must conform to APA guidelines regarding ethics, product promotion, etc. All postings will be reviewed by the communications coordinator, current president and decisions regarding posting materials will be made at the discretion of these individuals in consultation with the other members of the Executive Committee.