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Nominations and awards

Information on upcoming awards and how to nominate someone for office in Div. 47.

Each year, Div. 47 holds elections and nominations for a number of positions within the division as well as for certain awards handed out. This year, we have three positions opening up on the Executive Committee (EC) and three awards for which individuals and programs can be nominated. Please consider nominating yourself or someone who has an interest in getting more involved.

All nomination deadlines are Dec. 31, 2013. An announcement regarding the thesis and dissertation awards was sent out to the email list last month, so please remember to submit those forms by the deadline.


Online applications for these awards are available through the Div. 47 website or by contacting Chris Bader.

The Thesis Award and Dissertation Award recognize outstanding student research that has the greatest potential for making a significant contribution to the theoretical and applied knowledge base in exercise and sport psychology. The awardees are invited to present their research as a poster and receive the award (which includes a conference registration fee waiver, monetary gift and an award plaque) at the APA Annual Convention. The student must be a member of Div. 47 at the time of application.

The Distinguished Contributions to Exercise and Sport Psychology in the Public Interest Award recognizes individuals who have made contributions to the public interest which advance exercise and sport psychology as a science and/or profession.

EC Positions

President-Elect – This is a three-year term encompassing a president-elect year, a presidential year and a past presidential year.

Member-at-Large – This is a two-year term the first of which is considered the ‘junior' member-at-large year and the second the ‘senior' member-at-large year.

Student Representative – This is a two-year term the first of which is considered the ‘junior' student representative year and the second the ‘senior' student representative year.

For these positions, please send as much of the following information as possible to Trent Petrie, PhD. If you are nominating someone, Petrie will contact that individual in order to gather the necessary information.

  • Nominee's name, email address, current professional position and affiliation, mailing address, telephone.
  • The position(s) for which the nominee would like to be considered and a brief statement (no more than one page) regarding the nominee's interest in the position and skills/abilities to successfully execute the responsibilities of the position.
  • A brief summary (no more than a paragraph) of the nominee's involvement in Div. 47 (e.g., attending conferences, serving on committees), APA and the broader field of sport and exercise psychology.
  • Professional vita or resume.