Committee Reports

Science Committee

The Science Committee has worked to improve recognition opportunities for our student members' research.

By Amanda J. Visek, PhD

The Science Committee has been very busy this past year. In brief, the committee played a large role in the review process for divisional abstract submissions for this year's APA Annual Convention held in Honolulu. While at the convention, the APA Science Directorate convened a meeting with representatives from all APA divisions; the Science Committee represented Div. 47 and provided feedback regarding how APA science publications can be improved to better meet the needs of APA members and the lay public. Also during the convention, this year's Dissertation Award recipient, Edson Filho, PhD, presented a summative overview of his research.

Since then, the committee has worked to improve recognition opportunities for our student members' research. To that end, the Science Committee is excited to announce that Div. 47 will now highlight the advances in sport psychology theory and applied knowledge from both our master's and doctoral student members. We invite nominees to submit an award application for their thesis or dissertation research by Dec. 31, 2013. The award applications and full instructions for completing the application can be found on the Div. 47 website.

The recipients of the awards will be provided a monetary stipend, in addition to a waived registration free for the upcoming APA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., as well as the opportunity to give a poster-presentation of their research. The Science Committee is also excited to announce the upcoming release of SportPsych Works, a series of simple fact sheets which communicate both the science and practice application of sport psychology to the lay public. Once again, the Science Committee looks forward to highlighting the achievements of our members in their research as well as playing an integral role in the blind review of abstract submissions for the upcoming APA Annual Convention. We look forward to seeing you at next year's convention in our nation's capital!