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What does it take for people to call themselves a ‘sport psychologist'?

This open-ended question is posed to the readers in hopes of opening up a dialogue to be played out in future editions of the newsletter.

By Christopher M. Bader, PhD

Hello again, everyone. The idea for this section came out of last year's mid-winter meeting. The Executive Committee began discussing a number of issues within the field and it piqued my interest in what others would have to say about some of those topics. I thought it might be interesting to jump right into this with a ‘hot topic.' So, I would like your take on the question:

What does it take for people to call themselves a ‘sport psychologist '?

I am particularly interested in this due to my interactions with others on the fringe of our field. The general public seems to be a bit confused on what a sport psychologist is or what makes someone a sport psychologist.

I would like to have the answers for the next issue (submission deadline: Feb. 1). I will publish the answers in a confidential manner. Submit your answers to Christopher Bader.

We appreciate you reading this issue and we welcome your interest and involvement in the field and the division. All my best, and until next time, keep up the good work.