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Presidential address and Div. 47 award presentations during APA Convention

Themes of the president’s address and division award recipients.
By Jessica D. Bartley, PhD

During the APA Div. 47 (Society of Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology) presidential address at the 2019 APA Convention on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 12 p.m., Bradley Hack, PhD, our president, will be addressing his presidential themes of adolescent athletes (using sport psych interventions with teens and parents for on and off the field for well-being, development and healthy striving), best practices for coaches (advances in communication, leadership, and enhancing the athlete's experience), and the latest in performance enhancement strategies. He will also be presenting the following awards during the presidential address: 

  • Judy Van Raalte, PhD, will receive the Distinguished Contributions to Science and Research in Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology Award.
  • Jamie Shapiro, PhD, will receive the APA Div. 47 Early Career Professional Award.
  • Jasmin Hutchinson, PhD, will receive the  Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Journal Paper of the Year Award.
  • Alexandra M. Rodriguez, MS, will receive the APA Div. 47 Thesis Award, for her research, "Exploring Social Comparison and Sociocultural Attitudes in Athletes with Physical Disabilities."
  • Alexandra Thompson, PhD, will receive the APA Div. 47 Dissertation Award for her research, "Eating Disorder Diagnosis and the Female Athlete: From College Sport to Retirement."
  • Nick Dawson will receive the APA Div. 47  Student Poster Award  for his work "No More Subscale Scores?: Bifactor Analysis of the Exercise Dependence Scale-Revised."
  • J.D. DeFreese, PhD, will receive the APA Div. 47 Professional Poster Award  for his work "Former Collegiate Football Athlete Mental and Physical Functioning."

Van Raalte will also be speaking about her distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to basic research in sport, exercise and performance psychology.