Running Psychologists

This is the official publication of Div. 47's Section I, Running Psychologists.


Fall (PDF, 495KB)
In this issue: Ray's Race, New Orleans Habitat For Humanity, The Magnificent Mile(s) Meltdown, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Ray's Race, The Toronto Marathon Psyching Team: Mind Over Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, News To Use, Editor's Corner, Ray's RAce results and Ray's Race 2008 application.

Winter (PDF, 423KB)
In this issue: New York City Marathon, Where Were You Jim Sunbury, The Newbies, The Aging Runner #2, Still Running After All These Years, When a Runner Can't Run, News To Use, Editor's Corner, and Ray's Race report.


Spring (PDF, 422KB)
In this issue: Boston Marathon-One Runner's  Experience, Are Runners An Endangered Species, Do You Still Run, What Makes Irene Run, The Aging Runner, Editor's Ccorner, and Ray's Race results from 2005.

Date created: 2011