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Performance Psychology, Section II of the Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, brings together those members who are interested in research, teaching, and professional practice related to psychological aspects of optimal performance. Professionals and students who are interested in working with athletes, performing artists, business leaders, military personnel, or other professionals in high-risk occupations should join the section.

Members of this new and growing community are working toward creating collective definitions and models for training and practice, while also developing the field more broadly. The section offers a listserv to facilitate communicate between members.

Optimal Performance: Convergent Theories and Divergent Practices in Performance Psychology

Featuring: Sari Shepphird, PhD; Charlie Brown, PhD; Gloria Park, PhD, MAPP
Nov. 15, 2017

In this webinar, three professionals discuss theory and practice in performance psychology.

Who Can Join

Section II is open to all types of APA members, i.e., full and associate members and fellows, students, and affiliates, as well as those who are members of Div. 47 only.

To join the section, apply online.



Carolyn Davis, PhD


Elizabeth Hutter, PsyD


Marina Harris, PhD

Section Founder

Kate F. Hays, PhD

For any questions about the section, please contact Carolyn Davis.

Resources for Musicians

Musicians and music students have become increasingly interested in applications from sport psychology to their field. This resource directory (XLS, 52KB) indicates graduate programs in the U.S. that include music, sport/performance psychology, and/or psychology/counseling. This is a working document. For any corrections, additions, or questions about this resource, please contact Kristin Mills, MM, MA.

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