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Group Resources

There are various training opportunities, professional associations, journals, books and miscellaneous websites that would be of interest to Div. 49 members.

Practice Resources

Support Group Interview Series

This is a three-part series on creating and leading support groups, with interviews conducted in the fall of 2020.

Part I: An Interview with Ann Steiner
Ann Steiner provides an overview of the benefits of support groups, considerations leaders need to know for support groups as compared to interpersonal process groups, and recommendations for running online support groups. 

Citation: Steiner, A. [APA Division 49]. (2020, September 10). Support group series: Dr. Ann Steiner [Video file] Retrieved from:

Part II: An Interview with Molyn Leszcz
Molyn Leszcz discusses his work providing training for support groups for frontline workers during pandemics and how they are critical to help prevent burnout. He also discusses his work on organizational resilience and some of the research as relevant to these topics. 

Citation: Leszcz, M. [APA Division 49]. (2020, September 20). Support group series: Dr. Molyn Leszcz [Video file] Retrieved from:

Part III: A Conversation with Christine Schmidt and Robert Klein
Two experienced group leaders have a conversation about the support groups they run, what motivates them in doing these types of groups, and reflect on some of their experiences as leaders for these groups. 

Citation: Schmidt, C. and Klein, R. [APA Division 49]. (2020, September 16). Support group series: A conversation with Dr. Christine Schmidt and Mr. Robert Klein [Video file] Retrieved from:

Support Articles

The Div. 49 newsletter provides resources to assist in the practice of group psychology and group psychotherapy. The division is currently featuring the following articles: 

Training Opportunities

Div. 49 maintains detailed information about institutions, organized by region, that offer practicums, internships and postdoctoral programs with an emphasis on group psychology and group psychotherapy.

Teaching Resources

To support professors and other educators, Div. 49 provides a wealth of resources on teaching group therapy. We encourage those seeking more information about teaching group therapy to review our Group Specialty Council resources as well as our newsletter. Our latest article discussing teaching group therapy are part of a series “Moving beyond Yalom." The first article provides a group theory seminar curriculum, and the second article provides a breakdown of major group theories.

Professional Associations

Journals, Books and Miscellaneous Websites

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