Student Poster Awards for Diversity and Social Justice in Groups

Div. 49 solicits proposals for posters with themes central to promoting cultural diversity, social justice and equity through group psychology or group psychotherapy.


Sponsor: Division 49


Div. 49 (The Society for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy) will have a special, supplemental program at the Div. 49 social hour during APA's 2020 convention on Aug. 6-9, in Washington, D.C. We are soliciting proposals for student posters with themes central to the promotion of cultural diversity and equity. Student Poster Awards will be given to the top three posters: cash prizes of $300, $200, and $100 for the first, second and third place, respectively.


Posters may present research, practical/clinical work or advocacy efforts aimed at promoting cultural diversity in groups – broadly defined as small groups that may or may not be therapeutic (e.g., work/task groups, counseling groups, sports teams). The (first) author of the poster must be a student (or have completed the project while a student or intern) and must either be a student affiliate of Div. 49 or sponsored by a Div. 49 member.

How to Apply

The deadline for proposal submissions is March 15, 2020. To submit a proposal, please send an email to Lisa De La Rue with all of the following:

  • Names, institutions, emails, phone numbers and APA as well as Div. 49 membership status for all presenters.
  • Title of proposal.
  • An abstract of no more than 500 words.
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