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Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy
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Group psychology and group psychotherapy are now recognized as formal specialities in psychology.

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Special issue of Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice
Therapeutic alliance rupture and repair in groups
Submit empirical research by Nov. 26, 2019

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Div. 49 provides a professional home for all psychologists interested in the study and application of group dynamics. The division promotes the development and advancement of the field of group psychology and the modality of group psychotherapy through research, teaching and education and clinical practice.

Martyn Whittingham

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If you have arrived here, then you are likely someone interested in group therapy, group dynamics or any of the myriad ways in which groups can manifest themselves. Joining our Society will connect you to a community of academics and practitioners who share your fascination with group work and see a place to learn, interact and develop shared interests. We are home to wide variety of group people – social psychologists, group therapists, team and organizational dynamics experts.


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