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Member of the Month: Martin Kivlighan

Martin Kivlighan Martin Kivlighan is a graduate student at University of Wisconsin - Madison. His love for group psychotherapy began in graduate school, which provided many wonderful training opportunities. He had great respect for his mentors and their passion and enthusiasm were very infectious. He learned to appreciate the process-oriented experiences and the wealth of opportunities group psychotherapy provides for clients and facilitators. It is a process that allows for growth for everyone involved. He realized what a very unique and rewarding experience it is to be a group member, as well as a facilitator. Kivlighan's passion extends beyond the group therapy aspect as he is interested in utilizing groups to increase retention rates and academic performance. He hopes to become not only a group clinician but also a researcher.

Kivlighan just began his internship at the University of Maryland Counseling Center. He welcomes the opportunity to train and co-lead psychoeducation and process groups. He has been a member of Div. 49 for the past four years. He particularly likes the warmth, connection and welcoming attitude of the Div. 49 members. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as running and hiking.

Date created: 2014

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