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Div. 49 Student Committee announces new web series

This space for students by students will encourage connection and learning.

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Baggio, M. (2021, March 1). Div. 49 Student Committee announces new web series.

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Mary Baggio The Div. 49 Student Committee is pleased to announce a new web series, "Group Gab." This will be a series by students for students, a space for us to discuss the many types of groups we are running all over the country while meeting other students. These informal presentations and discussions will cover a wide variety of groups, populations, and settings. To join us, look out for event announcements on the Div. 49 Listserv or follow Div. 49 on Facebook. All students are welcome! Also, if you are a student running a group and would like to be the presenter, please email Div. 49 Student Representative Mary Baggio. We would love to talk about your group.