by Amy Nitza, PhD

Our division ended 2018 in a solid financial position. My report to the board, which compares our budget to actual expenditures for 2018, is available online (PDF, 35KB). Revenues from the journal and from membership were both lower than expected.  However, we spent less than budgeted for and thus had a positive cash balance that will carry forward into 2019.

Our budget for 2019 as approved by the Board at the recent midwinter meeting is also available online (PDF, 14KB). While the budget remains largely the same as in recent years, a few changes were made that reflect changes elsewhere in the division. With the recent approval of group as a specialty, the Board has allocated monies toward supporting a Specialty Task Force, which will focus on planning for next steps in that process. The Board also approved the establishment of small stipends for the associate editors of our journal. To offset these new expenditures, some of the annual awards given to professionals each year will no longer have a monetary award associated with them. We continue to invest in the future of our division through the provision of numerous student awards and through division events and opportunities to connect at APA's convention. As you will note, much of the rest of the annual budget goes to support basic operations of the division.

Also of note is the generous $25,000 gift to our division from the Estate of Dick Moreland. This amount, which is currently reflected in the Carry Forward from 2018 line item in the 2019 budget, will be transferred to the division’s fund with the American Psychological Foundation and will be used to support the Moreland Dissertation Award moving forward.

If you have any questions about this report or anything related to our division finances, feel free to contact me at any time.