Div. 49 mid-winter Board of Directors meeting

The Div. 49 mid-winter Board meeting was held in January 2011. The board member's reports were presented along with strategic planning and working committee reports.
Division 49 Mid-Winter Meeting in Atlanta, January 8–9, 2011

Atlanta, GA - Embassy Suites Hotel 
January 8-9, 2011


L–R: Maria Riva, Nina Brown, Gary Burlingame, Craig Parks, Kathy Ritter, Dennis Kivlighan, Scott Conkright, Jean Keim, Gloria Gottsegen, Lynn Rapin, Elaine Clanton Harpine, Lee Gillis. Not Pictured: Kyle Barry, Kevin R. Kulic, Tom Treadwell

Attendees: Dr. Keim, Dr. Burlingame, Dr.Brown, Dr. Rapin, Dr. Conkright, Dr. Ritter, Dr. Kivlighan, Dr. Gottsegen, Dr. Gillis, Dr. Riva, Dr. Parks, Dr. Clanton-Harpine

Excused: Dr. Kulic, Dr. Barry, and Dr. Treadwell (via Skype)


The mid-winter Board meeting was called to order at 8:45 am on January 8, 2011.

Dr. Keim asked the Board to introduce themselves and to talk about reasons why they are “group” people. Each attendee did so and Dr. Keim summarized the similarities that brought everyone together.

Dr. Keim introduced the agenda, stating that she was putting agenda items that required more time earlier in the time slots.

Dr. Keim presented the minutes for the August Board meeting that had been approved electronically.

The roster was circulated for updates.

Past-President's Report

Dr. Burlingame reported on his activities including: awards committee, evidence based group therapy and the GPRN.

President's Report

Dr. Keim summarized her activities including meetings with American Psychological Foundation, selection of the 2011 convention theme, organizing the midwinter meeting, the Arthur Teicher Group Psychologist of the Year (Arthur [Andy] Horne), selection of Dr. Eric Chen as Diversity Chair and the GPRN.

Treasurer's Report

Dr. Rapin distributed and reviewed the report. Financial Report highlights were noted (for details see report on page 19). Dr. Rapin stated that the division was in sound financial shape fiscally, especially with the journal bringing in $30,000 in revenue. Money is currently being set aside for contribution to the Foundation.

Dr. Rapin noted that in regard to the demographics of our membership it is an aging population. The implications for this are decreased dues-based revenue in the future.

President Elect's Report

Dr. Brown gave a summary of the activities of the Development committee that included three items:

  1. The website has been refurbished and migrated to a new hosting site.

  2. The committee is considering several products, such as a line of books on group therapy, as a means of generating funds and recognition.

  3. The committee also raised the possibility of creating a Foundation.

  4. Dr. Brown suggested that abstracts of research and articles be made available for download on the website.

  5. Related to marketing, Dr. Brown also suggested that some sort of banner or sign be put up during poster sessions in order to create more visibility.

  6. She also suggested that we hire a nationally recognized speaker to present at the convention.

Secretary's Report


Action Items and Strategic Planning

Dr. Keim asked the Board to separate in to groups of three and brainstorm about what creative used each group could envision for a hypothetical yearly fund of $5,000, which would be potentially generated by the Foundation. Among the ideas generated were: scholarships, awards, grants, travel grants

A motion was made that the Board will commit to a minimum of $12,500 for five consecutive years (2011–2016) through a combination of the Society's operating funds and/or donations to reach the American Psychological Association's $100,000 contribution. This was passed without dissent. We currently have $25,000 earmarked as a contribution that will be added to the above amount.

The board voted to contribute $15,000 to the fund to raise it to $40,000 upon receipt of funds in Feb/March from revenue.

Organizational Structure and Consolidation of Committees, Representatives, etc.

Dr. Keim asked the Board to review the various committees and representatives to see if it were possible to streamline the organizational flow. The following decisions were agreed upon:

The Electorate Division, ABPP and GPRN would be combined with the Education and Training Committee.

Dr. Keim will appoint an ad hoc editorial search committee for the next journal editor and Dr. Conkright will present a report on its progress.

A decision was made to review year terms and to clarify length of terms.

A motion was made to change the bylaws to change the Development Committee from an ad hoc committee to a standing committee. This will be announced in the newsletter.

A decision was made to move the ad hoc committees on Public Interest, Public Education, Social Justice, International Relations and Women in Psychology under the purview of the Diversity Committee.

Dr. Conkright was asked to check with Dr. Moreland on the status of the Board's archival materials and to see if these are available to backup.

A decision was made to move the Committee on Early Career under the Membership Committee.

A decision was made to move the Foundation Committee under the Finance Committee.


Dr. Clanton Harpine gave a review of the current status of the membership committee, highlighting that membership is currently down, especially among students. There are currently 15 continuing students and 29 new students. She recommended that the newsletter be distributed at the convention at each workshop and program. 

Development Committee

Dr. Brown reviewed several accomplishments, notably the creation of a new website and its migration to a new site, thank Dr. Gillis.

Publications Committee

Dr. Gillis reported that the website has been moved to a new site, has been updated, and is now more user friendly. Dr. Gillis and ? are currently researching other sites in order to find inspiration for updating the overall look of the website. There was some discussion of having a member-only log on option on the site but there was no agreement as to what this would serve. A motion was passed unanimously to give the committee $1,000 to be used for the website.

The listserv is now being moderated by Lee Gillis.

Dr. Parks reported that the Journal was still in the early stages of the mentoring program but that it was doing well. He suggested that there be some research into making the journal available online as well as trying to get the journal listed and available on PubMEd.

Dr. Parks said that for fiscal reasons the operating costs of the journal would be split over the next year in order to cover costs from the preceding year.

The board applauded the continued efforts in increasing thejournal's impact factor.

Phone conversation with Dr. Treadwell. He will update dues information in newsletter. Newsletter is going well and he will continue to solicit articles.

Committee on Nominations and Elections

Dr. Burlingame presented a slate of names for possible consideration for nomination and the Board debated this. The following list for 2013 nominations was agreed upon:

  • President: Dr. Lee Gillis, and Dr. Maria Riva

  • Treasurer: Dr. Rebecca McNair-Semands, and Dr. Leanne Terry

  • Members at Large: Dr. Sheri Bauman, Dr. Martyn Whittingham Dr. John Dagley, Dr. Amy Nitza, and Dr. Eric Chen 

Annual report
The annual report compiled by Dr. Burlingame was approved.

Standing Committee Reports

The committee report was reviewed. The Board encourages the committee to seek fellow-applicants in a more proactive manner.

Committee on Awards
Dr. Brown will chair and nominate members. TheArthur Teicher Group Pyschologist of the Year will be Dr. Arthur (Andy) Horne.

Program Committee
Riva reported that the program is the completion stages. Activities for the suite were discussed. The division social will be Friday evening and a celebration of our 20 years. A special event for the original founders of the division will be held.

Education and Training
Dr. Riva reported the committee is assisting with the program.

Dr. Eric Chen will be the new chair. The diversity award recipient will be forwarded to the awards committee.

Barry unable to attend. Consult student report. The board would like the committee to be increased.

Working Committee Reports

Liaison Reports

APA Council Representative Dr. Gottsegen reported on her activities and the report of the previous representative Dr. Kaltenbach was received. The Board approved Dr. Gottsegen acting as a liaison to the American Academy for Couple and Family Psychology and the American Board of Group Psychology, February 3–6, 2011.

Federal Advocacy
Dr. Gottsegen reported on her activities. See report.

International Relations, Women in Psych, Early Career, Ed, Directorate
See report.

Ad Hoc Committees

The Board decided to appoint Dr. Lynn Rapin as overall coordinator with assistance from Dr. Dennis Kivlighan. Dr. Burlingame and Dr. Keim will remain in advisory roles. The board recommended starting with initiatives in evidence-based therapy and then later pursuing practice-based initiatives.

Social Justice, Public Interest & Public Education
These have been moved to the diversity committee. See report for addition details.

Research Supported Group treatments (RSGT)
Report was reviewed.

Diplomate and Credentials
Report was reviewed. The board supports more proactive recruitment of potential applicants. This committee was moved to Education and Training.

School-based MH Group Interventions
Dr. Clanton-Harpine's report was reviewed.


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