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The newsletter editors announces the founding member event and encourages readers to submit articles, news and other items.
By Thomas Treadwell, EdD, and Leann Terry, PhD

Thomas Treadwell, EdD Leann Terry, PhD This issue highlights professionals seeking office to promote the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy. We have a rich history of involvement and we are grateful to those professionals who have served us throughout the years. President Jean Keim has informed us that our Society is having its 20th anniversary and will host a celebration at the APA Conference. There will be a "founding member event" that will be hosted at the conference for all founding members. Please contact Jean Keim for event updates. The founding member event will be special, honoring the members who have offered much of their professional time in making our Society what it is today.

One such founding member was David Kipper who passed away this past December. David was instrumental in offering his time and ideas, as well as executing many ideas into action. For instance, he was the first editor of The Group Psychologist. Additionally, David took time—between chemotherapy appointments—to carry out group psychology missions. He called me (Tom) this past November asking me to apply for board certification by the ABPP. I mention this to show how invested he was in furthering the mission of group psychology and group psychotherapy! The memorials in this issue highlight many of David's accomplishments, not only those he made as a Society 49 member, but also his numerous national and international accomplishments.

As you move into the spring/summer season (a more strenuous season for some and less strenuous for others), we encourage you to take some time to put your reflections into writing for us. What do you think students and early career psychologists should know more about? What do you wish you had known more about during the early part of your career? What led you to pursue the work in which you are engaging currently? Your ideas and experiences are important and we need to share them with our membership. We need to hear your thoughts!

Articles or brief reports and news items can be emailed directly to Tom, Letitia, Bambi, or Leann at as can Letters to the Editor. We would also like to include book reviews, DVDs, videos and online group interactions as part of the newsletter. Online group interactions would be a newsworthy column yet we need an editor for this… there is interest out there and we need your input!


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