Committee Reports

Report on workshops in Family Psychology and Group Psychology

Presenters and their topics from the workshops in Family Psychology and Group Psychology are listed.
By Gloria Behar Gottsegen, PhD

Gloria Behar Gottsegen, PhD I attended the advanced specialization workshops in Family Psychology and Group Psychology as liaison from Division 49 on February 3–5, 2011.

Among the formal presenters were two Division 49 past presidents Joseph Kobos and Sally Barlow. Also in attendance were Rex Stockton and Josh Gross.

The presenters and their topics follow:

  • Lenore Walker, EdD, ABPP: Future of Specialization

  • Melton Strozier, PhD, ABPP: PTSD Biopsychosocial Impact on Family

  • Barry Jacobs, PhD, ABPP: Family Caregivers

  • Joseph Kobos, PhD, ABPP: Common Ethical Dilemmas in Group Interventions

  • David Starch, PhD, & Ruth Morehouse, PhD: Sexual Intimacy in Couples Relationships

  • Florence Kaslow, PhD, ABPP: Ethics in Family & Couples Psychology

  • Sally Barlow, PhD, ABPP: Group Specialty Practice

  • Lenore Walker, EdD, ABPP, & Andy Benjamin, JD, PhD, ABPP: Protecting Children in Domestic Violence Families


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