Committee Reports

Development Committee Report

Committee updates include new Society logo, revised website, search for new chair and creation of promotion materials

By Nina Brown, EdD

A lot has happened since the last report thanks to Jean Keim (President) and Lee Gillis, a board member. Jean, with the assistance of APA's graphics department, created a Society logo and letterhead for official correspondence. Lee was instrumental in developing the revised website, and is involved in now moving it to the website hosted by APA. There are many benefits for hosting at APA including inclusion in APA search engine, access to APA resources, a dedicated Division Services administrator, and the APA Communities, the new social networking tool area where members can interact, have discussions, and work together on documents. The Society is among the first to take advantage of this service. Many thanks to both of them.

The most important task facing the committee is to select a new chair. This is a very active committee that recommends new funding opportunities, and is charged with marketing and publicity for the Society. It is a start-up for creative projects and ideas that are developed to the point where they can be passed on to other committees to implement. For example, the convention publicity cards began with this committee, and are now the responsibility of the Program Committee. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming chair of the Development Committee.

As the President has noted, this is a celebration year at the conference. We will be celebrating the founding of the Society, and the initiation of the Foundation. The Development Committee is charged with creating and providing promotional materials for the celebration, and we want this to be a memorable occasion. We are developing banners for the poster presentation to highlight the Society, providing promotional items for the social and Group Psychologist of the Year presentation, and for the Founder's Event. Hope to see you at all of these.