Committee Reports

Group Dynamics Editor Search Committee Final Report

Review of editor selection process

By Gary M. Burlingame, Dennis Kivlighan, and Craig D. Parks


The Society's Board of Directors (BOD) voted to create an editor selection committee at the August, 2010 board meeting to begin searching for an editor to replace Craig Parks whose term ends 12/31/2011. The BOD elected the immediate past president (Gary Burlingame) to head this committee. In the ensuing months Burlingame identified the current editor and one past editor to serve on the search committee (Kivlighan & Parks). Thus, the 2011 editor search committee included members from the editorial staff for every year of the journal's operation. At the January 2011 midwinter meetings in Atlanta Georgia the editor search committee provided an oral report to the BOD outlining the process that they would use to select an editor. It reminded the board that Group Dynamics (GD) is not a formal APA journal so it was not bound by the editorial search processes of APA journals. More specifically, the editor search committee used the following processes to identify GD editor candidates.

Processes Used to Identify GD Editor Candidates

  • Authors who were publishing frequently in the journal who had editorial experience and had prominent reputations in the group dynamic scientific community
  • Authors who produced high impact articles in our journal over the past 10 years
  • Notable past and present associate editors as well as past and present members of GD's editorial board
  • Individuals with existing editorial experience from other related journals who could continue to support and increase GD's impact factor.
  • A covering principles applied to all individuals considered was that they actively understood and supported the tripartite focus of GD articles including but not limited to clinical/counseling, IO/OB and social psychology theory, research and practice papers focusing upon group dynamics.

Our committee worked during the first quarter of 2011 identifying candidates, reviewing past publications and CVs. We identified a short-list of 4 individuals, conducted phone interviews and we're now ready to offer our recommendation to the BOD for the next editor of GD.


We recommend David Marcus as the next editor of GD. His scholarly interest includes both clinical and social applications of group dynamics; this encompasses two of the three audiences that the GD serves. He is currently the senior editor of the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology and an active member of the editorial board of GD and a past member of the editorial board of the Journal of Counseling Psychology. He is currently the Director of Clinical Training at the University of Southern Mississippi.

David Marcus will be taking a new position in August 2011 and so our recommendation to the BOD is that his term begin January 1, 2013, and end December 31, 2017. We recommend that 2012 be considered a transition year for the two editors (Parks & Marcus) and of course Associate Editors. Parks has agreed to a one-year extension of his term and has also agreed to transition Associate Editors selected by David Marcus. There would be no additional costs to the Society. Indeed, we see this transition as potential enhancing the excellent editorial service rendered by Craig Parks.