President-Elect's Column

The president-elect spotlights proposed book series "Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy in Practice 101"

By Nina Brown, EdD

The Society is in some interesting and exciting times. Thanks to the efforts of current and former officers and board members, and to the many members who participate in the initiatives, we have a logo, a new website hosted by APA, a journal that has a significant impact factor, connections with other professional organizations interested in group through the GPRN, the digital newsletter, and new awards. Most exciting is the establishment of the Foundation and you will hear more about that from President Jean Keim who is spearheading that effort. The upcoming APA conference (August 4–7 in Washington, DC) will showcase many of these developments, and I hope to see you at the meetings and social events. In addition, the Program committee chaired by Maria Riva has selected symposia, paper and poster sessions that are interesting as well as informative. This conference is sure to be memorable in many respects.

We are moving forward on the proposed book series for the Society, the prospectus is being reviewed by publishers, and we hope to have an announcement at the business meeting that will be held on Friday, August 5th from 3–4 pm ( location to be announced later). This is also an exciting endeavor that will showcase the expertise and knowledge of the Society's members.

Proposed Book Series:
Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy in Practice 101


The proposed book series would present a research and evidence-based perspective for psychological practice with groups. Each book in the series would address a different condition or issue related to group psychology and group psychotherapy with an emphasis on documentation of efficacy of the approach.

Target Audiences

The series is designed for the beginning psychologist, and for psychologists beginning work with a new constituent group. Each book will be self-contained around a particular topic, and will follow a template.

Proposed Length

Each book would be 100–150 published pages. (Approximately 200 manuscript pages)

Foci and Template

Each book would present evidence of the efficacy of the information, technique, applications, and the like; basic guidelines for implementing; examples for applications such as specific exercises and other activities; a sample plan for a group; and how to guide group members for optimum learning and self-understanding.

Unique Features

The proposed series will be unique in that the books will be written for psychologists who are beginning to facilitate groups around the particular topic instead of a general approach. As noted in the section on possible competition with other series, there are no direct competitors for group therapy books on specific conditions and issues. Other unique features include practical applications that do not require additional specialized training to use, exercises and activities that are suitable for a wide range of audiences, and a focus on evidence-based practices.

The survey of members conducted via the Listserv produced several expressions of interest in becoming authors for the series, and I encourage any member who is interested to contact me.

See you at the convention!